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One Step Back, Two Steps Forward!

This week, I really feel as though I haven’t had 5 minutes! But I DID have a GREAT Mother’s Day and was truly spoilt by my two boys!

Our weekend started off with a little bit of work for J and some fun for Ace, as we were attending Alton Towers for a launch event. They now have a CBeebies Land as part of the resort and they were also debuting two new rides.

Being a presenter on CBeebies’ ‘Down on the Farm’, J was asked to attend the launch with all the characters from the channel. Ace was definitely happy to go to work with daddy today! He got to meet all of his favourites and he couldn’t wait to go on the new rides. Ace was chatting away to them all as if they were long lost friends, high fiving them as they walked past on their opening parade!


Ace was just about tall enough to go onto some of the bigger rides, with a little help from his beautiful curly hair but this was his first time going on a rollercoaster so, naturally, I was a little apprehensive at first. I wasn’t sure how he would react but I really should have known that he would LOVE it!! Even more than his Dad! This photo shows us getting completely soaked on the river rapid ride – Ace found it hilarious when my bottom was completely drenched!


What an amazing day out, I highly recommend taking the trip over to Alton to visit CBeebies Land with the little ones. There is genuinely so much to do and seeing all the characters really does make it all come alive. Plus, for anyone with older kids, there’s absolutely no danger of them getting bored. All in all, a brilliant family day!

Mother’s Day came around in a flash! I was indeed very happy to have gotten a lie in! We didn’t make it to church, which was a shame as it’s usually a beautiful, Sunday service but tea, bacon and egg sandwiches, presents and cards certainly made up for it! You can’t ask much more than that! I could have stayed there all day. It was a shame Ace didn’t feel the same: “Come on mummy. Get up! Lets go play.”

My mum, dad, sister and her boyfriend came over late afternoon for a yummy Sunday roast, cooked by Ace and J!! A certain somebody was pleased as punch to be sat at the top of the table! Unfortunately J’s mum couldn’t make it. She has been too busy sunning herself in beautiful Antigua! She was sorely missed but we had a lovely day nonetheless.


Seeing as we have had so much going on recently, I thought that on Tuesday I would spend the whole day with Ace and we were so lucky that the weather was fabulous!! We went outside and played on the farm all afternoon. We made a picnic for lunch, brought all of his favourite toys outside to eat with us and we learnt about watering flowers and helping them grow.


I believe that taking kids outside to run around and be free is fantastic for them and their development. Heading to the park or even sitting in the back of your own garden gives them that sense of liberty, as well as the opportunity to explore their world, their way and the fresh air does them wonders too.


Recently, I decided to take Ace’s cot apart and turn it into a bed. A few of my friends have told me to look at doing this but I’ve been reluctant because Ace is still in a sleep suit as he just rolls SO much! Anyway, I gave in to reason and I bought a new duvet set and pillow – to make his bed look really grown up – and I said to him, “You’re a big boy now so we don’t need your sleep suit anymore”. Ace was sooo excited and jumped straight in! I put pillows on the floor as well because I already knew how much he rolled around.

Ace has always been a brilliant sleeper, so this transition was hopefully going to be an easy one.

Night 1:  YES, we did it! Slept all the way through, walked into our room in the morning and jumped in bed!

Night 2:  GREAT! Really enjoying him walking in in the morning. It means I get 2 more extra minutes in bed!

Night 3: Oh we’ve cracked this! Feeling very proud as parents and beginning to love this life!

Night 4: Hmm. Minor setback, he’s woken us up at 1am as he’s fallen out of the bed! Not to worry, back to normal tomorrow.

Night 5: NO, NO, NO this is NOT ok! Up three times, basically in 2-hour intervals from 1am! He slept longer than this the day he came home from the hospital!

Night 6/7/8/9: He’s now up EVERY night, 3-5 times a night, coming in to sleep with mummy and daddy! He’s not disturbing us with chitchat, or expressing a need for comfort from a nightmare, or even needing a ‘make it all better’ kiss after having fallen out of the bed, instead he’s getting IN our bed and going straight to sleep! This is just a NO! We are NOT developing this new habit, what am I going to do?! And, the biggest problem isn’t getting him to sleep, it’s stopping him from coming in when he falls out and wakes up!

The solution came on Night 10: On day 10, his cot was put back together. Hahahahahahahaha! I worked on the premise that sometimes you need to go one step backwards to go two steps forward. Plus, by night 10, I neeeeed my sleep! Clearly, young Ace is not quite ready for his “big boy” bed! Surprise, surprise, he goes on to sleep his normal 12hrs straight!

I’ve since been advised to get an interactive clock that helps toddlers know when it’s time to get up! Does anyone know where I can get one? Hopefully, with this new addition to his bedside furniture, we can try him in his “big boy” bed again in a few weeks. Note to self – there is never a set time for each of the many transitions of a baby/toddler and every child works at their own pace. Sometimes, being a parent is simply about trial and error! Hopefully more trials and less errors but the best bit about both is, the triumphs always come to bring a smile to your face!

I hope you all have a great week!

Chloe xXx

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