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That was a ‘Flawless’ weekend!!

What an amazing weekend!! It started off with a quick visit to THE biggest dance convention held at London’s Excel – Move It. It was brilliant to see so many people, young, old and in between, performing, promoting and being passionate about something so very close to my heart: Dance.

Dancing always has and always will be in my blood, as I’ve danced since the age of 3. It’s something that has given me loads of confidence, a life purpose and a drive to succeed. I’m so happy that the world of dance is still growing and more people are becoming passionate about the performing arts world. I’m also glad that I get to help inspire the next generation of dancers and pass on my knowledge and experience.

I managed to bump into the amazingly talented ‘Flawless’ boys; we’ve been friends for over 10 years! Marlon “Swoosh” Wallen, the founder of the group, was one of the first people I ever spoke to when I was starting my dancing career. I will never forget that first meeting and I am so thankful for the advice he gave and the time he took to speak to me. He’s now a good friend of mine and I’m equally very proud of all he and the Flawless boys have achieved! For the first time, Flawless didn’t actually perform at Move It but they have now created ‘The Flawless Dance School’ and so, it was their first chance to strut their stuff! They took the roof off with their performance! The youngest performing was only 6 years old! It is amazing how you can inspire and teach children so young.


Photo Credit: Fiona Whyte Photography

I also bumped into my boy Jonny, winner of this year’s ‘Dance Dance Dance’! It was lovely to see so many friends all in one place!


From Move It, I went straight to The Portland Hospital, a place extremely close to my heart, as Ace was born at the hospital. You’ll have seen from some of my previous blogs I was SUPER excited because it was time for the long awaited arrival of the newest member to the JLS family. Yes, Marvin and Rochelle had finally given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Valentina Raine Humes (what a gorgeous name! *heart melts*). As we entered the ward, I ran into a couple of the midwives that looked after me during my time there. They were so pleased to see how Ace had grown into a “handsome little boy”, as he popped out his little hand and said, “Really nice to meet you!!”

We reached Rochelle’s room and she had THE biggest smile on her face! I was already emotional and I’d not even said hello! Rochelle looked absolutely stunning, having had the baby not 24 hours before and everyone was just the picture of happiness. There truly was so much love! Understandably, Valentina is infinitely gorgeous; you really do forget how small a newborn can be! I never thought I’d ever say this but, I honestly can’t remember Ace being as small as her, and he was smaller at 6lb15oz! Holding a new baby is just so precious and something that makes you go all squishy inside! Valentina was so calm and relaxed, I really do believe if you are chilled as parents then it will feed back to the baby.

Marvin and Rochelle both said they feel as though their family is complete, what a beautiful thing to say! Did my visit make me feel broody?! Err the answer is YES! I think EVERYONE in the room was broody! Haha!


Ace was also excited to meet Valentina and I wasn’t sure whether he would be jealous at all but he wasn’t! He kept saying “awwww mummy, look at the baby”. That said he definitely couldn’t wait for a makeshift “play date” with Marv & Roch’s eldest daughter, Alaia-Mai! All in all, it was a beautiful weekend and one I will treasure forever.

On Monday afternoon, Ace was back to football and seeing as the whole weekend we’d been talking about babies, I can’t really blame him for the comment he made before I dropped him off. To set the scene, Ace is now convinced that mummy has a baby in her tummy, like Auntie Rochelle did! I assure you all I’m NOT pregnant! But his coach, Coach Natalie, wasn’t so sure because as I dropped him off he said, ‘Oh Coach Natalie, mummy has a baby in there”. Totally shocked that this has come out of his mouth, I laugh nervously and then say “Where?” Ace replies, shouting, so that not only Coach Natalie is able to hear but the rest of the mums too!! “Mummy, it’s in there, in your tummy, a baby”.

Fantastic! Now I’m trying to explain to everyone that I’m actually not pregnant and a friend of ours has just had a baby this weekend. Then I get the dreaded, “It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone”! Thanks for that ACE!!


I think I’m going to head to the gym, just to make sure I don’t look pregnant!! At least not before my time anyway…

Until next week!

Chloe xXx

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