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As some of you will be aware, I am one of the main dealers on Channel 4’s Four Rooms and buy a great deal of art amongst other collectibles. You should find this column useful if you are looking to buy art for your home, to work in with a scheme for aesthetic pleasure or purely as an investment.

As it is extremely personal, take the time to work out what you like and what you don’t like. If you want something to look pretty in a scheme, then go for a print on canvas or really interesting prints of black and white photography. You do not need to spend lots of money on this type of artwork as your scheme may well change and thus your artwork. If you are more serious and want an investment, visit some art galleries, do some research online, and find out what is appealing to you and who is the next best artist to invest in.

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Art is subjective so you should only be guided by someone if it is purely for an investment, otherwise if it’s for a room scheme only, go with what you envisage works best.

If you are going to display your art at home, plan your space properly. If you’re looking for artwork to act as a ‘star piece’ within a room it will need to have impact, and even create drama. Make sure if this is the case, it sits alone on a very plain wall which will set it off to its entirety, otherwise you will detract from its depth and the point will be lost. Similarly, if your walls already do the talking your artwork choices should be more sublime. It’s crucial you decide the purpose and space options before purchasing anything.

If you are looking for art as an investment you will need to set yourself a budget. You can have fun with this and you don’t have to be a big spender, rather set aside a sensible number in your head and see what’s on the market for it and where you feel you’re getting the most value for money. Whether it’s £100-£30,000, it’s wise to set a budget and try and stick to it. Another way to understand the market is at auctions; a place where you can learn a lot as you’ll start to understand the value of art and become aware of what’s going up in in the current market.

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Presentation of your art is key so don’t skimp on a great frame whichever route you are taking with your art. Even if it’s a cheaper piece, the frame will “make it” and show it off to its full glory!

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  • Choosing an artwork for your home is quite hard as there are some things that you have to consider such as your budget, the kind of artwork you are looking for, and the place where you want to buy the artwork. However, to be a wise art buyer, you should buy the investment art that is dated and signed by a listed artist who has numerous auction records to increase your chance of gaining more profit when the time comes and you want to sell the artwork.

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