October, 2013

Oct 13

Lovely Living Rooms

The living room is certainly the most enjoyable room to design. It is a very important room that really says a lot about how you want to be perceived by others. Living rooms are such fun to work on as they should be glamorous, interesting, comfortable and calming and be able to accommodate a variety of activities such as watching television with the family, chilling out after work or entertaining friends.

Seating is key in this room, and is one of the first things you should consider when designing in the space. I always use scale room plans for any design, but it is absolutely essential in this room as you will need to know how large to go with your seating.

Buying your sofa is key as it is the most important piece of furniture for your living room. It has to be the best quality you can buy as it will be used on such a regular basis and probably by many.

It is essential that you plan out your living room space carefully, not only so that you know how large your pieces of furniture should be, but also how the space will flow around your room.

Lovely living rooms 1


I wanted to create a modern yet warm environment in this large London home.

Rich, tactile fabrics such as a cross cut travertine for the fireplace surround suede, leather and velvet have been used to build up layers of warmth. The coffee table with a soft ribbed texture, in the same tone as the fireplace surround denotes a chemistry between the two.

Ox blood red fabric was introduced in the chaise and scatter cushions to give the room impact and interest against the ivory velvet fabric used on the sofa and chairs. I reversed the scheme on the chaise and throw to draw together the overall scheme.

See below on how we planned out the layout in this central London apartment, which clearly shows how much space you have to play with and how the room will flow around your furniture.

lovely living rooms 2

Lighting is essential in your living room and this week I’ve looked at what is available on the high street and also when you have extra cash to splash……


Go for this take on the anglepoise lamp at John Lewis, a real contemporary light.


These ‘Clio’ table lamps are really smart and don’t break the bank from Debenhams!



Beautifully crafted Taylor Llorente  gold leaf art floor lamp. Simply stunning!


I also love the look this Deco Torchere lamp gives, it reminds me of a gorgeous silver urn sitting on an elegant pillar







Oct 13

This Is How I Live My Life…

I always get up at 5am and go for a run, rain or shine! This is of course much tougher in the winter, but after my 5 mile run, I feel I can deal with any challenge that comes my way on a day-to-day basis. As soon as I arrive at the office, (my executive assistant Nadine brings in an essential Costa Coffee), I check all my mail from the night before, many clients live Internationally, so this is very important, then I have a brief meeting with the team regarding anything we may need to catch up on from the night before, just to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Days are always hectic and they vary a lot. 3 out of 5 days, I will be rushing to see clients. I have a chauffeur who collects me and drives me to my meetings, and often there are 4 or 5 clients to see a day, so whilst I’m in between journeys, I can make all my calls regarding the next meetings. Once I arrive at client’s homes, whether it is a major sports personality, a movie star or a business person, we run through their requirements, which takes about an hour or so. Meetings, whether with new or existing clients, all have the same time allocated as the rest of the day, I am usually back in my studio working with my team on various designs. The other 2 days are filled with shopping for items, talking to manufacturers either here or overseas, designing my furniture range and often organising any television work I am about to do, as well as keeping an eye on the goings on in my property development company and my new jewellery range design.

I have to make sure that I am in tune with new designs for my interiors. I go to as many trade shows as I can, Milan, Paris, London, Birmingham. I enjoy these as it’s very important to know what’s out there. I also allocate a few days a month to looking at up and coming designers, although I am lucky enough to be inundated with introductions. I like to go to schools and colleges to see what is happening as there is so much talent there.

a day in the life image 1

A typical day is up out and meetings with my high net worth clients. Once I have a brief of their requirements, I go back and start creating. This is my favourite part of the job. I love creating a great living space for people and I love creating my mood boards. It really gives a very strong direction on where we are going with the design and overall look of the project. I love finding gorgeous textures and hunt through my many books and samples to find lovely “touchy feely” things to include on my boards. I get great satisfaction out of working on these, and clients love them. I am currently working on a 25 million pound home, a very well-known footballers house, and a wealthy International business man’s pad in South West London amongst other private residential properties Nationally and Internationally, I am also working with a private aviation company to interior design their aircraft for clients. At lunch times I always attempt to do some weight training in the gym, although days are busy and I’ve already been for a run, it’s very important to me to balance cardio training with weights as it’s the best combination.

My evenings are varied, I love being with my children, cooking for them, and helping them with homework. I love watching a movie with them. I often have to go to Charity events, TV events, or parties with clients, but I make sure that the time I spend is as balanced as possible and really love putting them to bed at night and giving them the support they need by being there. I am usually in bed myself by 9pm if I am not out and about socialising, that way my batteries are recharged for the next day… I always think something exciting is about to happen tomorrow… and it normally does.

a day in the life image 2


Celia Sawyer

A winner of The Inspirational Awards for women 2013.



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