September, 2013

Sep 13

Come Dream With Me…

When I think of a bedroom, I think of romance, dreaming, luxurious fabrics and ones own personal sanctuary where they can escape and relax.

That’s why I love decorating bedrooms. You can be free and have fun with different textures, fabrics, styles and create an environment that’s completely personal to the owner. Whether that’s cool and minimalist, warm and cosy, full of exotic prints and pictures or even an Arabian fantasy…whichever direction you wish to go, you can. That’s one of the reasons why bedrooms are my absolute favourite rooms to decorate.

Decorating someone’s bedroom is a very personal thing as your bedroom should be your own sanctuary, especially designed to suit your personality. Some clients want a bedroom to chill out and watch TV in, some want them for romance, some to work in whilst others want them solely for sleeping in. Knowing the function of the room before you start is vital because without knowing this, it is unlikely that you will get the design to work for all of your needs.

Another important point to remember is: NEVER overlook your bedroom. I know that some clients have told me ‘…but nobody else will see it.’ YOU will see it and it is your place of well being and starting fresh for the day. It is also the room that you will spend most of your time in so make it feel special and pay it some attention.

The padded, leather wall in this master bedroom below is impressive. It was designed for a male client in his ultimate bachelor pad; hence the dark leather walls and masculine leather and steel bedside chests. It’s a stunning look and, although masculine, is also classic and extremely chic.

Top tip: To add that feminine touch, try adding some throw cushions with a more feminine pattern or colour, or a silky throw on the bed and some flowers to the bedside tables. They are small changes to the rooms design but will make a huge impact on the mood.

Come Dream With Me 1

Your Bed

Your bed is the main feature of the room and it is important to think carefully about what it’s purpose is in the room, and what your needs are regarding comfort. Is your priority a comfortable mattress? Do you love feather pillows?  Do you like a large headboard, such as the one in the previous image? An upholstered bed so that your upholstery matches, storage drawers? A four-poster bed? Colours, cushions and throws? Whatever your preference, as your bed is a dominant feature in the room, it needs to be given plenty of thought.

Come dream with me 2

In the image above, the client wanted their bedroom to have a monochrome feel, but with areas to sit, relax, and an area to work from. It’s a large room so it could easily accommodate these factors.

Come dream with me 3

I Love… This four-poster bed. The client wanted a simplistic but comfortable room and this bed provides just that. It’s stylish, simple, and adds the WOW-factor, to an otherwise simple room, dominating the room with its clean lines. Gorgeous!

Come dream with me 4

Throw-n To Switzerland

The thick pile, silk carpets and the fur details add a luxurious feel to this guest bedroom at a ski resort.

It’s important to remember when designing your guest bedrooms that this is where you can show off. I always love using great mirrors in bedrooms as it adds that glamorous feel and also makes a room look lighter, brighter and more spacious.

Lighting is another major factor for bedroom design. Ambient lighting from table lamps or wall lights are key and, if possible, make sure they are on a dimmer so that you can adjust your lighting to suit whatever you are doing at the time. I love a scattering of scented candles around the room on special occasions just to give it an extra sensuous feel.

Listen To Your Children

Children’s bedrooms are equally as important. I always suggest getting them involved in the design and, if they are old enough, to make mood boards of their ideas. You’ll be surprised how creative children can be with ideas, and it s a great way of making sure they get their own stamp on their very own sanctuary.


This John Rocha bowl from Selfridges makes a beautiful addition to any table or display cabinet. Add floating candles, flowers, or even candy at Halloween to create a new vibe for this stunning centre piece Your guests will be green with envy!

These lemongrass and lime scented candles from BHS will create the perfect calm and tropical atmosphere for your bedroom and bathroom.


I love this stylish Ralph Lauren Gaspard magnifier. It’s THE perfect accessory for a stylish study.

I’m also a great lover of decanters and this crystal art deco style Ralph Lauren Broughton is a favourite for me!


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Sep 13

You’re My Wonderwall

When we think about decorating our homes, some of the first things that come to mind are flowers, furniture, accessories and artwork. These are all important factors; however it always amazes me that one of the most important factors is often given the least attention. Walls.

The walls of the house are like the spine. They exist throughout the house and are the backdrop to every room, acting like a blank canvas upon which we set the atmosphere of the room and showcase the accessories that make the room ‘lived in and loved.’

Have you ever heard the term ‘a house is not a home without people’? Well, as true as that is, the heart of the house cannot beat without walls.

Whether your walls are being used as backdrops for art or furniture or as a focal point, they should never be overlooked but instead embraced as a very important part of any design. I love creating surprises with walls, adding textures using fabrics, specialist plaster finishes or natural stone, and with such an array of choices these days you can really create something special.

Top Tip: I always suggest to my clients that they think carefully as to whether or not they will be displaying art on their walls or whether it will be a focal point so that we know how far we can go with the finish. I normally suggest walls are kept relatively plain if art is being displayed so that the art and the backdrop don’t fight against each other.

Wonderwall image 1

Leather Love and Natures Gifts

I love using leather on walls, and I’m a real fan of faux leather. Studies, libraries and even lifts look fantastic with leather walls. I love the simplicity in this private home with neutral, plastered walls and how the lift has a mix of cool, crisp chrome which contrasts beautifully with the warm burgundy leather.

Wonderwall image 2


As often as I can, I suggest natural stone for walls and floors. Gorgeous limestone always looks clean when used in bathrooms see how good it looks on walls, floors and counter-tops in this en suite bathroom. I love bathrooms to be very glamorous just like a luxury hotel bathroom should be, somewhere where you want to spend hours relaxing in the tub and there is nothing nicer than a clean smooth limestone clad onto the walls or large stylish slabs of marble.

Top Tip: When using neutral materials for your walls, use accessories to add colour and va va voom to the room. Classic walls never date and always look stylish so, by changing your accessories, you can easily change the tone of the room and add a modern feel without spending lots of money on a complete renovation.

Wonderwall image 3


Clear-ly Fabulous

Even though it seems a strange option, don’t over look using glass for your walls. These not only add a great deal of light into a darker room, but glass walls also make a great visual statement if you have architectural interest to look out to. See how this wall sets off this fabulous staircase which curves beautifully outside the room.

Top High Street Buys

This week I visited the Range and could not believe how reasonably priced the beds were! Check out this faux leather sleigh bed. Dress it up with satin and silky cushions and a throw and no one would know that it wasn’t an exclusive designer piece.

Another great buy this week is this collection of lamps from Dunhelm Mil. They look stylish, sophisticated and will glam up any bedroom or living room perfectly. Plus, they look really expensive so hide the labels and nobody will know. Shhhh!

Splash The Cash

I have a real love for ‘star pieces’ in my work and the silver wing in their eclectic collection here from Colombostile certainly fits into my criteria.  It’s beautiful!

My favourite light of the moment is the Estadio light. It’s absolutely stunning and perfect for adding exra glamour and style to the £25million home that I’m currently working on in London.


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