Apr 16

A World of Luxury; The Four Seasons, Park Lane, London

After a recent stay at The Four Seasons on Park Lane, the hotel has certainly become one of my favourites. Loving luxurious things as I do, and working in the luxury market, I can sometimes be hard to please when it comes to attention to detail and the finer points of not only interiors, but also service. My recent experience at the Four Seasons fitted all the criteria and more, for an excellent stay.

LON_367 for Hello
On arrival, the staff were attentive, welcoming and charming, not to mention extremely professional. The hotel’s interior immediately grabbed my attention. It is spectacular, with layers of texture and fantastic detailing throughout.

I was shown to my room which was a newly-designed Westminster Suite; one of only seven which were launched in March of this year. It was light and contemporary, featuring walnut-veneer panels, powder-blue walls and Savile Row check. The bedroom with its king-size bed led to a separate dressing area, a spacious bathroom and Juliet balcony, with the design being a modern-take on Art Deco which I love. The suite feels very much like your own stylish apartment, with all modern comforts to hand, balancing eclectic sophistication with Mayfair’s fashionable history. There were two impressively-large TVs in both the living room and the bedroom, in addition to the bathroom incorporating a small flat screen TV in the mirror!

When you are at the Four Seasons, you sense the feeling of heritage and glamour relating back to the 1970’s when the brand-empire had its defining moment and opened its first hotel in London. This very hotel set the tone for future direction of the company and pioneered many signature Four Seasons services now delivered on a global scale.

LON_615 for Hello

There are certain elements in this hotel that has garnered its success, the highly personalised 24-hour service making everyone feel like a VIP, the authentic and elegant surroundings, the impeccable service, quality and ultimate in luxury, it is easy to understand why the Four Seasons continues to grow in popularity.

During my stay I found time to enjoy the bar; an iconic social hub within the heart of London. Its décor is a mix of strong, deep red fabrics combined with dark-wood and leather creating a relaxing yet intimate feel.

LON_687 for Hello

Dinner was superb, with a menu offering a vast variation of dishes. I have to give top mark’s to the restaurant Chef Eliano Crespi who completely looked after me. I particularly liked looking out onto the terrace, and although I knew I was in central London, this has been well-thought out and designed for privacy with its terracing.

LON_591 for Hello

On this occasion I didn’t have enough time to use the Spa, which is found on the 10th floor. It is a one-of-a-kind rooftop sanctuary including a relaxation lounge, state-of-the-art Fitness Centre and the inaugural Spa. The Golden body glow treatment, where Omorovicza gold sugar scrub is used to polish and buff the skin, followed by an application of luxurious gold shimmer oil is definitely on the list for my next visit.

After a great night’s sleep, I enjoyed a superlative breakfast. The staff can remember their guest’s names which is very admirable and was noted by me, something that just adds that extra touch of respectability, and as I was about to vacate the hotel, they offered help with my transport.  I was very happily chauffeured off into a Rolls Royce Ghost – now that is what I call luxury!

If you’re looking to stay in London I can’t recommend The Four Seasons on Park Lane enough. Please visit their website here

Mar 16

Buying Art for the Home

As some of you will be aware, I am one of the main dealers on Channel 4’s Four Rooms and buy a great deal of art amongst other collectibles. You should find this column useful if you are looking to buy art for your home, to work in with a scheme for aesthetic pleasure or purely as an investment.

As it is extremely personal, take the time to work out what you like and what you don’t like. If you want something to look pretty in a scheme, then go for a print on canvas or really interesting prints of black and white photography. You do not need to spend lots of money on this type of artwork as your scheme may well change and thus your artwork. If you are more serious and want an investment, visit some art galleries, do some research online, and find out what is appealing to you and who is the next best artist to invest in.

IMG_9956 cover shot

Art is subjective so you should only be guided by someone if it is purely for an investment, otherwise if it’s for a room scheme only, go with what you envisage works best.

If you are going to display your art at home, plan your space properly. If you’re looking for artwork to act as a ‘star piece’ within a room it will need to have impact, and even create drama. Make sure if this is the case, it sits alone on a very plain wall which will set it off to its entirety, otherwise you will detract from its depth and the point will be lost. Similarly, if your walls already do the talking your artwork choices should be more sublime. It’s crucial you decide the purpose and space options before purchasing anything.

If you are looking for art as an investment you will need to set yourself a budget. You can have fun with this and you don’t have to be a big spender, rather set aside a sensible number in your head and see what’s on the market for it and where you feel you’re getting the most value for money. Whether it’s £100-£30,000, it’s wise to set a budget and try and stick to it. Another way to understand the market is at auctions; a place where you can learn a lot as you’ll start to understand the value of art and become aware of what’s going up in in the current market.

Bedroom for hello

Presentation of your art is key so don’t skimp on a great frame whichever route you are taking with your art. Even if it’s a cheaper piece, the frame will “make it” and show it off to its full glory!

If you have any questions please free to ask me via Twitter or Facebook, and I’d love to connect on Instagram

Until next time… Celia x


Feb 16

Say it with Light; Lighting Tips from Interior Design Expert Celia Sawyer

Celebrity Interior Designer Celia Sawyer tells us why lighting should be the first item on your to-do list when curating a new home

Lighting is one of the most important yet often most overlooked elements in good interior design. Lighting is key as it is the one single ingredient that affects all others; there is little point creating a beautiful home if it is insufficiently lit and your well-thought-out furniture and accessories not represented in the best way. Lighting can be quite technical but it is a wonderful medium to work with.

Never skimp on lighting as it is essential to creating ambience and depth in a room. Great lighting can be used in many ways and should be layered to suit your needs. For example if you have features in your room you wish to stand out and display, or areas you wish to highlight, position recessed ceiling spotlights to enhance these.

Work round the room the way you would walk through; observe how the lighting changes. Are your ceiling lights creating enough impact? How are they hanging? Do you require table lamps? These are all questions you need to ask yourself. An amazing chandelier will give your room the “wow” factor and could be the star feature of your room. Art-deco inspired lighting is a having its renaissance. Think geometric shapes, bevelled glass, gold chintz and reflective surfaces. Typical lighting fixtures include an illuminated ribbon running down the middle or the edge of a recess, which creates a streamlined glow, with a circular light placed in the centre of this area acting as a focal point. The Estadio light is a perfect example of this.
Table and floor lamps will add that extra warmth and dimension to your room, but also with so many beautiful lamps available now, can become a sculpture in themselves.

Estadio Light Small for Web

If you are looking for chandeliers or made-to-order lamps, you will need to give yourself at least eight weeks lead time. Many companies have a range of stock lighting however if you want something really unique, you will most probably be ordering from overseas or a dedicated fabricator in UK who will need longer lead times.

Hello test 1

Practical lighting is also important, if you need an area to read or work, then you need to plan this accordingly and in the first wave of your lighting design.  I always use dimmer 5 amp systems these days so that throughout the day as the light changes outside, I can adjust the room lighting to suit the required mood.  You can also use different types of brightness, depending on the amount of light that you want to let into a room. Softer light provides a calmer atmosphere, where brighter lights are ideal for schemes that are busy, like an entertainment area. Think of lighting a little like adding a jacket (your wall lights) to your everyday dress (your practical lighting), and then adding jewellery and great shoes, (structural and feature lighting such as positioned spots and table lamps) and if you have the courage, an amazing hat (your star piece chandelier in the centre of your room)

Eastern Lighting Smaller for Web

The above bedroom suite showcases how lighting can be so effective. Various layers of light are incorporated, from spotlights in the ceiling providing a warm glow to LED’s embedded into the shelves by the reading corner. These lights highlight each item on the shelf drawing attention and adding an area of interest. The ceiling spotlights bounce light off the reflective surfaces such as the bronze wardrobe panels, bevelled glass and crystal. Finally the bedside lamps offer practical lighting for reading or similar in bed.

Kitchen lighting is always an interesting topic of conversation. A trio of hanging lights above breakfast bars or kitchen tables are a thing of the past and can quickly look dated. There are a lot of clinical looking hanging lights on the market; avoid these. If you do prioritise lighting from the offset make sure downlights and fantastic spotlights are incorporated into your plans early – this is all you really need in the kitchen.

Directional lighting plays a significant role in the home. This is the science behind your selected lighting; either to provide illumination for the entirety of the room or to highlight very specific elements, even to distract from a certain area in some cases. Track lighting is the perfect example of positional lighting, where you can use beautiful wall lights with adjustable necks pointed at specific elements. Often people use track lighting to highlight stunning artwork or collectables.

Another reason to insist on getting lighting right from the offset is because it affects colours and fabrics. You would be surprised how natural light versus man-made can throw a whole different meaning to your selected tones.

It is clear lighting provides magic and theatre in the home whilst being extremely practical in helping create a visually larger space. Taking lighting seriously will enhance the environment and complement your décor so there’s no excuses, this should be your first priority, and I hope you agree.


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Celia x



Oct 15

Autumn Luxury

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE luxury. Whether it be a piece of furniture for one of my interior design projects, an item of clothing or a hotel. The latter being extremely important to me as I travel a lot and appreciate a good hotel that pays attention to the finer details and truly looks after its guests.

Whilst away on business lately I was lucky enough to stay at the Chewton Glen in Hampshire. I highly recommend the Suites here whether you be travelling with a partner, friend or family. There’s more than enough room to accommodate everyone without being on top of each other. Design wise the suites boast a classic, more traditional look than my own style but I appreciate the contemporary fabrics and wall coverings. In particular the panelled walls which offer a cosy and welcoming feel. Wall panelling is making its come back but with a modern twist, so if you are currently re-decorating I would look into this.

Dining at the Chewton Glen is to die for. A must even if you’re not staying at the hotel! The Chesil smoked oak-smoked salmon with chives and crème fresh is wonderful, as are the hand-dived scallops, with truffles, mint puree and all the trimmings.

For those of you who don’t know the Chewton Glen is a privately owned luxury Country House Hotel and Spa located on the edge of the historic New Forest, set in 130 acres of picturesque grounds, so you can enjoy the great outdoors too via the golf course, tennis courts, a croquet lawn and clay pigeon shooting. You’re spoilt for choice!

Chewton Glen Pool

For a touch of something different and really unique stay in one of the hotel’s famous Tree Houses. They are built high-up in the forest, elegantly simple yet reassuringly luxurious, each Treehouse is on stilts, delicately balanced within the valley and tree canopy. You still enjoy the amenities of the main hotel but can indulge in total privacy, whilst enjoying the floor to ceiling glass providing panoramic views for just you. There’s also a hot tub on the balcony and daily breakfast hamper delivered to your Suite!

Chewton Glen Tree House

If you’re looking for a great stay outside of the UK I’d recommend The Four Seasons in Cyprus. A magnificent hotel that accommodates your every need. There are few places I actually switch off and completely relax but The Four Seasons is one of them. From the beautiful loungers to the pools and dining, it’s simply fantastic.

7 Garden Suite 908 Bedroom

If you are travelling with children there are two outdoor pools and my son particularly loves the slide in the children’s pool. We always look forward to visiting ‘Colours’ situated at the hotel which sells the most amazing ice cream and cakes.  If you have children they will love it too!

22 Colours cafe & Adults only pool

Running my own business is none-stop so being able to combine business and travel together is lovely, especially when it’s at The Four Seasons. As it is independently owned and operated the staff and owners care all the more; everything is impeccable!

8 Adults Pool

This five-star resort is the pinnacle of luxury with world class hospitality, book yourself in you won’t regret it.

For more information on Celia’s hotel insights please visit



Aug 15

Outdoor Living

What better way to enjoy summertime than by making the most of the great outdoors. As an interior designer I am often asked to help improve and dress outside spaces to make them feel part of the lifestyle and home overall. You can make your outside space as luxurious as the inside, trust me.

Selecting the right furniture is essential. What type of look are you trying to create? Modern, boho, white-washed beach haven, country, trendy, eco, the list goes on.

I personally like using dark or grey rattan juxtaposed against contemporary, crisp, white cushions to create impact. Seating is incredibly important as your outdoor space is to enjoy so you want your friends, family and guests to indulge and be comfortable.  I LOVE glamorous day beds (think St Tropez beach party) and if you have the room I recommend you invest. Sky Line are masters of such furniture; beautiful yet natural shapes and gorgeous colours, you can’t go wrong with a day bed.

Outdoor fireplaces are having their moment. You can revamp your garden or terrace into a cool hub making the fireplace your central feature. I know people who have used old bricks to build the fireplace meaning its recycled and put sand on the floor to create a truly unique space. If building a fireplace is too much invest in a fire pit. Nothing beats sitting round the warmth of a fire after dinner.

Alfresco dining is something we all love to do. Those long summer evenings that glow and seem to go on forever. Purchase a dining table and chairs, again in rattan or metal over anything plastic and cheap looking – you may as well get this right first time. I have opted for a simple black rattan set with glass table top but dress the area up with an interesting centrepiece and cushions to add some interest and depth. Give it a go.

Inspiring outdoor kitchens are extremely du jour, especially in the Caribbean and United States. Clay or brick kitchens that blend into the surrounding natural environment can be simply stunning. The advantage of creating an outdoor kitchen means the hosting (and mess that goes with it) is kept out of your main residence; something I know my clients find attractive! In this space add a large mirror as it reflects the light and is more inviting. There are some fantastic outdoor mirrors around with thick, rustic frames. Alternatively over-sized French clocks are extremely popular and add a little character, creating the feeling of being outside with the comfort of being indoors.

As you begin to revamp your outdoor space you will seriously think about colours. Earthy colours and décor is a must; ochres and greens, taupe’s and greys, to keep things natural, then add stainless steel appliances for that raw, industrial touch and inject colour through one item alone. Within your seating area add a great coffee table; something natural looking, maybe a bit of driftwood or an oak table to add some charm; a nod to Mother Nature herself. Invest in some lanterns that are suitable for outdoors as these can act as the perfect accessories. I put flameless candles inside mine which are ideal as they are battery operated so not only are they safe but they don’t go out should there be a breeze. Being outside in the candlelight is really special.


At the other end of the spectrum is quintessential England. Many opt for a court yard approach with a tiled veranda, greenery, picturesque statues, large mirrors, wooden partitioning, to create a cosy spot full of English charm. When it comes to fabrics use Sunbrella fabric for your settees and ottomans; it is extremely hard-wearing, easy to clean and the colour range fantastic.


One of my favourite purchases this year has been the Dedon Swingrest chair. Perfect for suspending on a porch, terrace or even outdoors. It is a basket-like structure which boasts a rotating table top and elegant suspension system. Definitely the ultimate in a hanging sofa.


I have noticed a huge rise in outdoor furniture ranges in the last 12 months. Stylish, luxurious furniture is now easier to find, which is perfect for me in my line of work! I have also noticed the traditional pieces have had a makeover, take this outdoor furniture set for example, the rattan weave is much thicker than we’re used to and gets my vote.

Lastly, outdoor bars are the ultimate cool. I have one at my home and it gets so much use throughout summer. They’re actually fairly simple to build, use wood to keep costs down and as long as you have a flat surface, fridge and some bar stools you are ready to entertain. One of the best additions to my garden!

So whether it’s an impressive terrace, colourful cabana, or quaint garden, show off what you have and make the most of your space. Make it innovative, spacious, elegant and refined.


Where to Buy:

  • If you are shopping around Indian Ocean produce very well-appointed sun loungers and their fabrics are exquisite (www.indian-ocean.co.uk)
  • Sunbrella fabric is perfect for everyday use and highly cost-effective (www.sunbrella.com)
  • Sky Line have an impressive selection of days beds, furniture sets and dining (www.skylinedesign.com)
  • I recommend Petti Rossi for outdoor lanterns – you’ll find a great selection through them (www.pettirossi.co.uk)

Jul 15

Exploring the New Forest this Summer

I recently discovered a haven of tranquillity whilst touring the Hampshire countryside. Set in the heart of the New Forest, Careys Manor Hotel and Spa boasts three superb restaurants, excellent facilities and a fantastic level of service from staff.

The elegant country house hotel and spa offers a friendly and tranquil environment, whilst being conveniently placed within an hour and a half from London and the M3 corridor only a stone’s throw away this is the perfect place for a short break. Perfect for business people like myself who travel a lot!

Careys Manor Outside Un-edited High-Res[6]

My stay began with a superb welcome and as I was travelling with my family we were taken on a guided tour so we understood what was on offer. With natural beauty as its backdrop Careys Manor is picturesque and steeped in 17th century history. It was principally used as a large hunting lodge and has hosted prestigious clientele such as Royals and Military Officials.

We were shown to one of the Oakwood Rooms, which is ideal for families such as mine of two adults and two children. The bedroom we enjoyed had a lovely outside garden which was perfect to enjoy as we were treated to great weather!

One of the most impressive factors about this hotel is the service. Every member of staff I met could not be more accommodating! Being a business woman and interior designer I tend to pick up on the attention to detail in places and here I was overwhelmed by the staff, from their presentation to manners and warm welcome.

Careys Manor - Cambium (88) (Small)[6]

Come 7.30pm we dined at Le Blaireau; what a fantastic restaurant this is. You can expect French cuisine in Hampshire, with locally sourced ingredients and the place itself is vibrant yet informal so prides itself on a relaxed atmosphere which I really like. We enjoyed the evening with fantastic steaks, fish and wines. There is also the new restaurant Cambium, serving more traditional dishes, further to the Thai restaurant set within SenSpa, so there is more than enough choice on site.

SenSpa Tepiarium Low-Res[9]

The SenSpa is an absolute must when visiting Careys Manor. The pool is incredible; beautifully lit and designed to create a unique sense of wellbeing. The spa is an authentic Thai spa with extensive 5 star facilities focusing on holistic wellness. There are some lovely treatments to take advantage of; the SenHarmony Face & Body in particular caught my eye and my daughter enjoyed a relaxing pedicure which she said was lovely! The spa products they use here rival the best, smelling absolutely amazing. SenSpa truly is a unique spa experience; a hidden gem within the New Forest. You can enjoy the finest treatments, immerse yourself in the sumptuous pool or enjoy the hydrotherapy benefits of the state of the art hydrotherapy facilities. I can see why this spa was a finalist in the World Luxury Spa Awards; even if you’re not staying in the hotel I highly recommend you pay it a visit.

SenSpa Pool Hi-res[7]

The picturesque New Forest is a part of the English countryside I love. Whenever I am travelling I look for a sanctuary I can relax in, which also provides a great setting and facilities. Close by to Careys Manor you’ll find beautiful villages offering gastro pubs, restaurants, local produce and shopping. Therefore the country house hotel and spa provides a great base to explore the beautiful area and an indulgent treat for you and your loved ones.

First class hospitality, gorgeous dining and fantastic food, my stay was unforgettable and I look forward to my return!



May 15

Holiday Homes Around the Globe

The Lodge – By Sir Richard Branson

Fancy a stay at an exclusive mountain lodge owned by Sir Richard Branson, with 24-hour driver service and gourmet all-inclusive board?

The Lodge is the epitome of luxury, with modern features and stylish decor, set in one’s of the finest nature retreats in the world.

The exclusive Lodge is located in the Alps in beautiful Switzerland, in the prestigious resort of Verbier. You can enjoy it in summer for mountain walks and rafting, or during ski season. It’s an intimate, dreamy space offering nine bedrooms, a heated swimming pool, an indoor and outdoor Jacuzzi, a fully equipped gym, 14 staff awaiting your every call where nothing is too much trouble, your own personal chef, a relaxing lounge and entertaining area for any parties you wish to throw.

Sitting in the heart of the mountains is breath-taking; you can enjoy the slopes straight after breakfast and fully immerse yourself in the 400km of runs, stunning landscape and fresh mountain air the Alps has to offer. If you don’t ski you can try sledging and paragliding, or relax in the spa area of The Lodge. This Chalet is one of only seven outstanding destinations worldwide that form part of the Virgin Limited Edition. Expect to be seriously pampered, this is the place to stay in Verbier.

The Lodge


Camden Nook, Barbados

Crystal blue seas, heavenly restaurants and the friendliest people, welcome to Barbados! A number one place to stay is this lovely quaint beach side villa, Camden Nook located on the platinum west coast.

Barbados is the buzz word on everyone’s lips, the place of du jour, so why not do it in style and stay at this stylish haven with direct access onto the white sandy beaches of Reeds Bay?

Camden Nook offers three, extremely comfortable bedrooms, a fantastic outdoor dining space and all the tranquillity you could dream of. Walking straight out onto the beach is heaven, and one of the wonderful USP’s of staying in this quaint and rustic villa.

The location is ideal, between the amenities of Holetown, which is renowned for its famous  bars, award winning restaurants, Lime Grove tax free shopping, and the famous Gibbs and Mullins beaches, making this an incredible place for couples, families and friends.

On your arrival, you will be greeted by Camden Nook’s lovely housekeeper Rosemary who will have your complimentary welcome drinks at the ready. She is a delight and knows everything there is to know about the island so can offer tips and advice should you need! She will tend to your needs and requirements and will rustle up some lovely local food for you if you so wish. Dining under the stars, watching sunrise or sunset and absorbing all that Barbados has to offer, make Camden Nook your destination this summer; it comes highly recommended.

Camden Nook Montage

Chalet Zermatt Peak, Switzerland

A five-star venue in the heart of stylish Zermatt, overlooking the iconic Matterhorn; this luxury chalet is what dreams are made of.

The property itself is situated in one of the world’s most desirable locations and to stay here is something extra ordinary. The architecture and design is internationally nominated and impresses from the offset. The Chalet sleeps 13 guests who will all be treated to a Michelin-star gourmet chef of your very own, personalised menus including five-course dinners and afternoon tea each day. If that’s not enough, as a guest you are entitled to daily massages, complimentary skis and Ugg walking boots! Select your favourite wines from the elusive wine cellar, enjoy the private, luxury wellness spa and state of the art gym.

Everything here is bespoke and tailored to you, making it an extremely special experience from the moment you arrive. If you want to stay at the height of luxury and be wow’d, Chalet Zermatt Peak is the very definition.
Crystal Blue Koh Samui Thailand


Crystal Blue, Koh Samui, Thailand

Introducing Crystal Blue in Koh Samui; a villa which is architecturally stunning inside and out.

This impressive villa is located in the beach village of Bophut off the northern coast of Koh Samui. The building itself is an architectural marvel and the location gets our vote as you can learn to dive, walk the miles of sandy, untouched beaches, sunbathe between palm trees and enjoy the native shops in Fisherman’s Village.

From every window of this property the tropical vegetation can be enjoyed. Wherever you stand your eyes are drawn to the colourful exotic plants and the ‘inside/outside’ feeling this house exudes.

The villa plays to the landscape, having all the living spaces on the middle level as well as the outdoor perks; the eternity pool, hot tub and relaxing Thai garden.

Six elegant and spacious bedrooms face the sea, allowing you to hear the waves as you wake up each morning. The suites have cosy terraces and there’s a lovely rooftop space, ideal for sunbathing!

During your stay four employees will look after you around the clock, ensuring you are pampered and relaxed as much or as little as you like.

This villa is romantic, tranquil, and full of tropical delights, with the beauty and astonishment of Thailand and views to die for.

Zermatt Ski Chalet 01

Until next time…


Celia Sawyer


Mar 15

Hotel Shopping for 2015…. Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como is a must!


It finally feels like Spring/Summer is on its way which I love, so I am researching hotels in which to stay. When it comes to hotels I adore those that tell a story and offer luxury through and through. From the style to the service, there aren’t many hotels that capture my full attention but Grand Hotel Tremezzo does just that.

It is a beautiful luxury resort dating back to 1910. Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the oldest luxury hotels on Lake Como and for those who seek luxury during their stay; this is one of the best. The family owned hotel commands one of the most enchanting positions on Lake Como, with exquisite panoramic views of the town of Bellagio, the Riviera delle Azalle and the stunning Grigne Mountains. The hotel setting and views are simply breath taking!

The hotel is an amazing experience, not just for adults, but equally for children. From the moment I arrived, we were greeted with such friendly, efficient staff, and the children were made to feel extremely welcome. At Grand Hotel Tremezzo it’s all about the little touches and finer, elegant details which bring the whole experience to life. For the children, one of these finer details was  indeed the sweetie jar by reception which was visited frequently!!! The children particularly loved the fact that there were three separate swimming pools within this beautiful hotel resort, each offering a very different vibe and style. The floating pool on the lake in front of the private beach, boasts such a fantastic view of Lake Como that you never get tired of looking at it, and here the children loved to swim and sit on the surrounding bean bags. The garden pool bar offered great pizzas which was perfect for lunch and to enjoy in a relaxed and informal setting. During our stay we had great fun travelling across the lake on the hotel’s stylish private boat, stopping off for a nice walk and lunch in the picturesque village of Bellagio.

GHT Boat

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is an absolute favourite of mine; the hotel is architecturally beautiful throughout as it is Art Nouveau in style, mixed with its unique setting it takes a lot to beat. Every luxury that you can imagine is included and my family and I were completely spoilt for choice. At Hotel Tremezzo, nothing is too much trouble, with their customer service bypassing exceptional.

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is magnificent luxury at its very best! To see more of the hotel please look at http://www.grandhoteltremezzo.com/

Feb 15

Top tips for starting an interior design project

Embarking on any interior design project can have its difficulties and listed below are some important pointers to help if you are about to begin a project or looking at interior design as a career.

As an interior designer you need to be able to deal with a lot of different personalities; your clients may be a couple who disagree about everything in their home, you could be dealing with builders who don’t communicate very well, or suppliers that let you down. It is vital to build a good relationship with as many people as you can because if you are relying on other people, they may not have the urgency you have of getting things finished in time to meet your clients needs.

Here are my tips of important things to remember when starting a project.



Make sure you visit the property you are working on as many times as possible in the initial stages as you will need to get a feel for the property. Check how the light is at certain times of the day and also revisit once you have your fabric colour choices to make sure that they work in the lighting they are proposed for. It s all very well to choose colours in your studio or workplace but lighting plays a large part on how colours look.


It is important to give yourself plenty of time when choosing fabrics, you will need to make your colour choices and hold a few options as many times fabric houses show stock and then find out they don’t have the stock the computer originally showed. Always have two or three alternatives and always get a batch cutting from the actual batch you will be ordering from as colours can really vary so much you can sometimes end up with a completely different colour scheme.



If you are looking for chandeliers or made-to-order lamps, you will need to give yourself at least eight weeks lead time. Many companies have a range of stock lighting however if you want something really unique, you will most probably be ordering from overseas or a fabricator in UK and will need longer lead times.


If you are designing your own furniture then double check all your sizes, for instance some breakfast bar areas do vary slightly in height and you don’t want your stools to be too low to sit comfortably.  Also look at your space properly and measure and map out your furniture in advance of ordering, you don’t want to have items so large that you cannot move around the room comfortably.



It is important to look at access and this can be overlooked easily but is an essential part of   your installation check- list. If in doubt measure your doorways to make sure large furniture items will fit through, you may need to assemble some items once in the room.  Spiral staircases may cause restriction in moving some large items into their destination. I recently worked on a property that had a games room in the basement but there was only access via a spiral staircase, with no access from the exterior.  I needed to put a pool table in the room, and because I am an experienced designer, I knew how important it was to measure the curve of the staircase, revert back to our install team to see how this potential problem could be overcome.


This is essential on an installation. You need to have at least one person that you can liaise with regularly to make sure that  you are all on the same page and know what is happening and when. Also someone who can take deliveries for you in advance is always helpful when on a large project.


Finally be well organised! I am working presently on a £30 million house in London and will be ready to install the furniture and accessories in a few days. I have given myself three days to complete the task, purely down to the fact that I have spent weeks and weeks walking through each of the rooms in my mind and making sure I have not forgotten anything. If you do this you should be able to cut the time of your installation down quite significantly!

I hope these tips help you. I would’ve loved to have read them when I started out, but at least I can give you the advice I have to give from my past and very interesting experiences, Good luck!!!

‘Your Home in Their Hands’ is on Sundays at 4pm on BBC One and ‘Four Rooms’ will be on the 22nd of February on Channel 4.

Oct 14

Learning from the Amateur Designers on Your Home In Their Hands

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