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Cath Tyldesley Cath Tyldesley

Corrie, Holidays & Eat Shop Save

Hello! Sorry it’s been a while guys. Well haven’t I been a busy bee!! First up thank you for all your lovely comments in regards to the Eva/Aiden/Maria love triangle storyline on Corrie! We’ve loved filming this scenes and let me tell you – things are about to get even juicier! The writing for these scripts- as always has been fantastic and I feel so lucky to have been given such a brilliant storyline. Stay tuned… hold onto your flat caps!!
It seems ages ago now but the Soap Awards were fab – congratulations to all who were nominated, especially some of our lucky corrie lot that won awards. As always – it’s such a proud evening. This year it felt even more important that we stood united together after the atrocities in Manchester…


I’m incredibly proud of my home town, in the aftermath of something so heart-breaking we have poured out so much love. The scar left on our hearts will never fade. But our hearts will only ever get bigger – God bless you Manchester. I adore you.

As I mentioned last time- Tom (my husband) and I have now launched ‘The Pitfield’s’ … The Pitfield’s is a chance for us to share our healthy lifestyle tips. We concentrate on family fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. It’s an exciting year for us – lots of exciting things happening. It’s something we’re really passionate about and really hope to motivate and inspire other families. We aim to show you that it doesn’t cost a fortune to stay healthy and active – do give us a follow:

Insta: thepitfields
Twitter: thepitfieldfam

We’d love to here all about your journey too. From our family to yours- enjoy!

Tom has been very busy indeed, he is part of a new series called ‘Eat, Shop, Save’ for ITV1. The show helps several families to do exactly that- eat…shop and save! Tom brings family fitness to the table- encouraging these families to keep active. We all know how hard this can be when you have children, most of the time you feel to tired right? Well tune into this series!! Eating properly and finding activities that you enjoy is key- I promise you you’ll have loads more energy, you’ll be much healthier and fitter AND- it’ll save you a pretty penny or two!

The series starts July 13th 7.30 ITV1.


Well after all these busy happenings The Pitfield’s needed a holiday. We’ve just had a lovely time in Tenerife, relaxing on the Beach with my boys seems to solve all my petty problems. Ofcourse we stayed active , lots of glorious walks and plenty of swimming. But my word was it good to get some rays and treat ourselves a little bit. That’s what life’s about right?



Body Mass Index. I’ve been meaning to talk about this for a while, then something happened a couple of weeks ago that REALLY got my back up . My friends little girl is 7 years old. She has one of the healthiest diets I know , plays football, goes to swim club, gymnastics, karate and athletics…

A couple of weeks ago , her doctor told her that she was overweight. I can promise you – this child is far from ‘overweight’ , I myself am in awe of her prominent abdominal muscles. Since this check up with her doctor this little girl is now refusing to eat certain foods and questioning everything that her diligent mother serves up .

So what’s my ‘beef’ with this ancient method of ‘BMI’ ?? How dare I question a doctors word?

Let’s start here guys-

BMI does NOT differentiate between bones, muscles and fat. Thus – it doesn’t take into account where your weight is coming from. So if you have a person with heavier bones and a muscular physique (like my pals little girl who is very athletic and tall for her age) with a normal body fat percentage – they would still be considered ‘overweight’ according to BMI. In fact many athletes tend to be classified as overweight according to BMI because of this (bare with me) In essence- they are heavier, but NOT due to fat – they have more muscle than the average person. Muscle weighs more than fat.

There are also no rules gender wise- men are on the same graph as women… when men tend to have heavier bones and often carry more muscle . There is also no differentiating age wise (?!) again… this baffles me, as we lose muscle mass as we age and tend to gain more fat.

Body shape is also something not taken into account . Where we store our fat is massively important in terms of our health, BMI doesn’t take this into consideration. I could go on… The important thing is , most doctors are now realising that this isn’t an accurate indication. I feel that as parents especially – it’s SO important to look at this in a different way. Many school nurses still use this technique.

The way we talk to our children about being healthy is so very sensitive, in fact it’s a mine field. You know if your child is active or not? If you’re unsure about what they should be eating and portion sizes there’s plenty of advice available, but here are the golden rules that Tom and I follow:

* minimum 5 portions of fruit or veg a day (watching sugar intake from fruit) , we try to encourage Alfie to have veg with every meal and have made it accessible for him to snack on fruit and veg throughout the day

* make their plates as colourful as possible! It’s all about ‘the visual’ with kids. If it looks fun, bright and cheery – they want to eat it

* in terms of portion size- remember, their stomach is around the size of their fist… as is YOURS! Wake up call or what?!

Stay Happy , Stay Healthy and Dream BIG

Auntie Cath

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