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Dubai, Deadlifts and The Pitfields

My little health bunnies!! Hope you’re all well? We’ve had a cracking start to the Pitfield year with a lovely trip to Dubai to celebrate Alfie’s 2nd birthday.


I can’t believe I have a two year old! Seriously guys, where does time go when you have children? We had a wonderful time, very chilled.


Dubai is one of our favourite places – Hello Magazine dropped in to say… well, Hello!


They took some beautiful pictures of our family holiday, capturing some extra special memories – thanks guys.


I want to talk to you about detox or fitness teas…

These teas claim to help you lose weight, speed up metabolism and increase energy. The only side effects I noticed when I tried some of these teas – were lack of energy. That’s because most of these ‘detox’ teas contain the herbal laxative Senna. Did my stomach look flatter? Yes – because there was nothing in it and I was dehydrated.

Worryingly these teas aren’t required to prove any claims on their labels. There is actually no proven research to say that any of these teas will help you to lose weight.

However – Senna comes with its own hoard of BIG problems! When used responsibly – IF you are struggling from constipation then yes, Senna can be useful. But you could get tummy cramps and/or diarrhoea.
Now most of these ‘Fitness Teas’ are used over the course of 2-4 weeks, in that amount of time research has shown that they can cause: unusual bowel functions,
When I tried the tea I actually felt unable to train. I felt dehydrated and more to the point was concerned I may have an accident when lifting! No thanks!! Guess what?! Comes back to my same old message – eat from the land and train well – it is the ONLY way to optimal health and fitness.
I would suggest you spend your money on fresh food and a decent exercise plan. If you can’t go to the toilet then SEE A DOCTOR!!
Operation summer body has begun!! My awesome PT Steve Chambers has been pushing me super hard the past few weeks as I have a few photo shoots coming up. I’m determined to get my summer bum back!! We all want a peach right? Well Steve’s here to save your ass!! Possibly my all-time favourite exercise is called an ‘RDL’ – Romanian Deadlift. Steve Chambers from ‘Ultimate Performance’ explains below:

The Romanian deadlift!


This exercise which is more commonly called the RDL is something we see in nearly every single gym across the globe. Generally speaking it is more commonly performed by the female population due to is prime movers. These being predominantly the hamstrings, glutes and erector spinae. Straight off the bat these can be deemed priority body parts for all woman hence its popularity. With this being said it has great merit for both men and females alike.

When you implement it?
As I previously mentioned this exercise involves most if not all of our posterior chain! This makes this a great exercise to include on either an upper or lower body day. My advice would be to perform this exercise on a lower day due to its emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings.

How to perform it?
This exercise is very commonly confused with the straight legged deadlift. Again a very popular exercises. Although they look almost identical there is a slightly different in technique. That being a slight knee bend. Although that is such a small change in technique it makes a huge difference on exercise execution and which muscles are worked the most. Due to the slight knee bend a lot of the work will come from the glutes and hamstrings whereas with the straight legged deadlift the erectors would work a lot harder. Now seeing as glutes and hamstrings are a priority I suggest the RDL over any other variation. Not only that but most people will have lower back tightness which can cause problems with other variations. It’s safe to say that the slight knee bend it a game changer. Another plus of that little difference in techniques is that we are able to lift more load performing an RDL therefore generating more stress on the muscles causing them to adapt and become stronger.

Exercise execution…

This is a classic hip hinge exercise. The idea behind this exercises is to stretch the hamstrings as much as possible without any rounding of the spine.

Step 1. Standing with a barbell resting on your thighs, pull your shoulder blades together. Be sure not to shrug. Keep your shoulders down and back.

Step 2. Slightly bend the knees or in simple terms just unlock the knees from being fully straightened. Be sure to only bend the knee that much and no more as you progress through the lift. Allowing more knee movement changes the exercises completely.

Step 3. This is the tricky part. Do not think of leaving forward to try and touch your toes! This is a massive misconception of this exercise. Instead think of pushing your bum backwards as far as you can therefore getting all the weight over your heels. By default you will naturally lean forward and get a stretch in the hamstrings a lot sooner than simply leaning forward.

Step 4. Once you have felt a stretch in the hamstrings it is then time to reverse the movement. This is where you bring your hips and the weight forward until you return fully upright. This is completed while still maintaining a slight knee bend.

Additional notes…

1. It’s important to maintain a neutral spine through the whole entire range of motion. Once this has been compromised the load can be shifted onto your back where you definitely don’t want it!

2. Keep your chin down! There is nothing to see in the mirror. This will help with the neutral spine.

3. The bar path is literally down your tights and back up again. Do not let the bar travel away from this line at any point as tension will move from the legs to the back. This will also give a higher chance of rounding the back.

4. It’s very important to take your time to learn this exercise. Although it may look pretty straight forward it can be very difficult to not simply bend and the hips. Remember push the bum back as far as you can!

Steve Chambers!
In other exciting news… ‘The Pitfields’ are very much alive and kicking on social media! You can follow us here:
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Tom and I will be posting lots of health and fitness tips, plenty of recipes and great ideas for you and your family!! We also have some pretty special announcements to make soon! Give is a follow!!

Until next time
Stay happy, stay healthy and dream BIG
Auntie Cath


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