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Let’s talk women and body weight…

Women and body weight, during this on-going health and fitness ‘journey’ of mine something has become VERY clear to me. It’s a LOT harder for women. Hormones. The bain of my life!!

We’re blessed with these ingenious wombs. We have the magical honour of carrying our children and giving birth to them. If we’re lucky we are then able to feed them using what some would deem a blessing, others may deem a curse… breasts (great for catching food in, terrible for running).

But let’s just take a moment to address how much harder things are, when embarking on a weight loss journey or a body transformation for some women. My hormones affect me massively. I’m quite sure my PT is thoroughly fed up with my monthly routine, which goes a little something like this…


Weeks 1 & 2 , I’m on fire! I’m happy as Larry and smash all my PT sessions, week 3… my mood tends to dip a little. Approx 5 days before my period I begin to develop a hefty appetite. Two days before my period I feel ready to eat my own legs. All I want is sugary carbs. Of course eating sugar would do me no favours what so ever. It would cause further energy dips and make problems like water retention and sometimes stomach cramps worse. For some of us, hormones also have a knock on effect with things like breast tenderness and IBS – causing further bloating and discomfort… I mean we really do have the short straw here ladies!!

I do up my carb intake because I feel my body needs it. But I stick to good, slow release carbs that will keep my energy levels up and curb my cravings. Do I eat chocolate? Once a month I become possessed by my ovaries … nothing else will do but a chocolate fix. Normally the day before my period- when my energy levels are at their lowest, along with my mood. It’s also at this time I try to up my iron intake and B vitamins.

But yes – I tend to indulge in a good quality dark chocolate! A good quality dark chocolate actually contains quite a lot of iron and antioxidants, recent studies show that cocoa is beneficial for uterine health! But let’s get to the point folks- its tastes good and makes the world a better place! One thing I don’t do is use my cycle as an excuse not to exercise. Exercise helps to ease cramps but most importantly it releases ‘happy hormones’ – endorphins. So although I really don’t feel like exercising at this time I push myself to do so – I never fail to leave the gym feeling happier than when I arrived!


Water retention is something I really struggle with – I can honestly go up a dress size purely because of water retention. I do find that drinking more water helps, and I take dandelion root too which is said to help. However I’m looking into this further – I’ll keep you posted on my research!


My wonderful Grandma turned 80 this week! I say ‘Grandma’ , she’s absolutely more of a ‘Glam-ma’! Our Jean has always been an inspiration to me – with wise words from day one: ‘take care of your skin, hair, nails and teeth!’ This advice has stood her in good stead!

Everything is still her own and she looks bloody marvellous! We treated her to a lovely afternoon tea in Manchester. We had a wonderful afternoon taking in the amazing views of the hotel we were in, which has a restaurant and bar on the 23rd floor (although I indulged in a chicken salad as opposed to cake! What?! It’s the NTA’s next week! I’m aiming to feel fabulous!)


We took Alfie to Chill Factor this week. We had been forecast a lot of snow that didn’t arrive. Little man was gutted! I bought him a sleigh and convinced him that ‘Elsa’ (from ‘Frozen’) was dropping off some snow for him to play with… it didn’t snow!! Nightmare. Mummy kept her word and took him to the toddler ‘snow play’. This was Alfie’s first real experience of snow, he wasn’t impressed. He enjoyed watching daddy make a fool of himself on the slopes , but he was kinda freaked out by the temperature of this seemingly fluffy, white, fascinating stuff!
Non the less, he continued to look for ‘Elsa’ for the duration of our stay. Bless.


As some of you know my wonderful trainer Matt Warner has returned to London before embarking on a new chapter in LA.

So I’m now training with the equally as brutal Steve Chambers! We’ll be posting lots of tips so keep your eyes peeled on my blog and Instagram: AuntieCath17! New year = new goals, lets SMASH it health bunnies!!


Stay Happy , stay healthy and Dream Big!!!

Auntie Cath

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