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My ‘Rocky’, Picking your Protein, and This Morning!!


BIG news! My husband Tom won his charity boxing match!!


I couldn’t be more proud of Tom. Tom raised almost 6k for St. Mary’s Neonatal Unit in Manchester. Thank you so much to everyone who attended/donated, it really is a wonderful charity. Tom also shaved his head to help raise donations (now my Telly fella and real life fella are both baldies!).

Tom was so good he won by stoppage in the third round!

I saw a totally different side to my husband, his steely determination was apparent from the off and I knew from the moment I saw his face there would be no other outcome. He was in it to win it. Such an inspiration.

Ex European Champ Jamie Moore and his lovely wife Coleen were also there to support Tom. Jamie spoke highly of Tom’s technique – which made me even more proud.

Massive well done @tp_ptfitness!

If you’d like to donate to St. Mary’s Neonatal you can do so here:
Tom will now be returning to his usual training regime- I’ll keep you posted on his developments! He’s has some awesome tips for those of you looking to build lean muscle mass.

I caught up with Holly and Phil on This Morning earlier this week, to talk about my album. Here I am getting ready in my hotel room, with my lovely hairdresser Valentina.

And here is a pic of me backstage in the studio…

My album is due out Nov 11th! I’m so excited!!

I’ve been working so hard with an amazing producer – James McMillian. One of my favorite songs on the album is ‘Baby Mine’, I used to sing this song to Alfie when I was pregnant – and I still sing him to sleep with it now.


The lyrics are so beautiful…
“Little one when you play
Take no heed what they say
Let your eyes sparkle and shine
Never a tear
Baby of mine”

It gets me every time! I can’t get through it without crying!


Three cheers for our Corrie canteen who have gone from ‘healthy’ to ‘super healthy’! Our head chef Nathan is pretty amazing – there’s always loads of fresh veg and fruit available, loads of yummy paleo recipes at lunch time. Now they’ve started to do juices and smoothies! I start most days with a green drink so it’s great that I can grab one at Corrie now. First thing in the morning I have a smoothie containing:
Chia seeds
It’s a GREAT start to the day! And I also have the same after the gym sometimes with extra chia seeds of protein powder to up my protein intake.
I went to see my gorgeous friend Paula Lane on Sunday. She’s had a beautiful baby girl – Penny. Penny is the spitting image of Paula! Absolutely gorgeous! It was so lovely catching up and spending time with our two families. Congrats again guys – Penny is a little stunner!
Protein Bars… The good, the bad and the utterly ridiculous! A lot of companies target their protein based products at the weight loss market. I fear that some of these little horrors shouldn’t even be classed as food. Don’t get me wrong there are some fab products on the market. But as always – READ THE LABEL! Some bars contain as much sugar as a Mars bar, containing loads of fructose or corn syrup- yuk! YES – I use protein bars sometimes when I’m in a rush.
Not all protein bars will help you reach your muscle building and fat loss goals. There are a few things to be mindful of when choosing a protein bar! Firstly – calories. If you’re trying to loose weight, chomping on a 400 calorie protein bar with low nutritional value might not be a good thing. However if your goal is to build more lean muscle mass and you’re ‘upping’ your calorie intake then these could be really useful.
Carbs! Some protein bars are extremely carb-heavy. Not so good if you’re on a low-carb protocol. On the flip side – great if you’re trying to take on more carbs – especially post workout.
You’ll also want to check out the carbs to protein ratio of the protein bar. You want be sure the protein content is high enough when compared to the carbs. If it has a very poor protein to carb ratio (i.e – there are far more carbs than protein), you’re not doing yourself any favours… You may as well have one of those horrid sugar packed cereal bars! The protein content is what makes a protein bar a protein bar – remember that and it’ll keep you on the straight and narrow!
Soooo I’ve just added another live show to my calendar! On the 23rd Dec I’ll be playing the fabulous St. James Theatre, London. Our last gig was a sell out and we had such a blast! More of the same please! Looks set to be an awesome night. I’ll also be closer to home at The Lowry Theatre on Dec 3rd! Can’t wait! I’ll be sure to keep you posted!
Until next week Health Bunnies!!
Stay Happy, Stay Healthy and Dream Big!
Auntie Cath

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