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Top tips for flying and taking your baby on holiday

We’ve just come back from a lovely holiday in Crete.

We took Alfie to Portugal last year but he was only three months old so he pretty much slept his way through the holiday.
So this time around it was wonderful seeing him so excited. Each morning when he woke, he ran to the window and pointed outside “Fishies!! Seaaaaaa!!! Boat!!”.

Is there anything better than seeing your little one play on the beach with their little bottoms out? So wonderful! He fully embraced the Cretan way of life and even took a shine to Feta cheese and olives!
Let’s be honest here… It’s a bit of a shock to the system isn’t it? Holidays with a toddler?! I don’t think we sat down for longer than ten minutes. I think we need another holiday!! I saw a family on the beach with four children! And I felt like ‘high fiving’ her – how the hell did she do it?!

So I’m back at work now and straight into some super awkward scenes between Aiden, Eva and Maria! We have sooooo much for you guys to look forward to. I’ve been hooked reading these scripts!

Huge congrats to my girl Brooke Vincent (aka Sophie Webster). She’s been touring with a brilliant play Be My Baby by British playwright Amanda Whittington. It’s a fab play set in the 1960’s, about a group of pregnant girls within a ‘Young Mothers Home’. Something completely different for Brooke – which is great for any actress. Doing other jobs helps to keep actors fresh when in a continuing drama like Corrie. Word on the street is Brooke is fantastic!! Go on lass! We can’t wait to come watch you – super proud!


Fly Right!

Ever noticed you get sick when you’ve flown somewhere? It’s more common than you think! So many people seem to come back from holiday and end up with a cold or sore throat. They are not the most hygienic of places are they? I also find that flying really dries my skin out. Here’s some of my top tips for flying:

Firstly (and even more so now I have Alfie) ALWAYS take a packet of antibacterial hand wipes on board. Wipe down your table, chair arms, and always use after the bathroom. And keep on top of wiping your little one’s hands – lord knows they like to touch everything in sight.

I always take a little facial spritzer with me, I opt for a natural organic brand made with Rose water and lavender to help keep the skin hydrated whilst keeping you refreshed when you need it.

Probiotics! Before going away I double up on my probiotics for a few days – this will strengthen the good bacteria in your gut. Making you stronger against any bugs.

Vitamin B spray – I’m a massive fan of this – great when you need an energy boost – we all feel pretty shattered after a flight don’t we? These are so handy to take with you (especially if like me you have a small human that is non-stop!)

I always wear my glasses too when flying as it really dries my contact lenses out. My biggest tip is stay hydrated! Drink as much water as possible. This will also aid your digestion when you land. I usually take a fibre supplement on holiday too. As many people find they need this after a flight.


Holiday HIIT with a Baby

On holiday I did a great HIIT workout with Alfie in the sea. We’d bought him a little inflatable boat so I took him out a little and swam the length of the bay, pushing him along.

I’d do a length as fast as I could – kicking my legs (you’ll feel the burn on this – work through it!) then on the way back – frog kicks (as though you were doing breast stroke) obviously your arms are otherwise engaged holding your child! Alfie loved this, he got to see all the fish and little boats, splashing other swimmers as we passed them (monkey) and mummy got a sneaky HIIT/leg sesh without stepping foot in a gym! Winner!


Ps – I’ll be on This Morning on Wednesday to talk about my music! Tune in if you can!!

Until next week my health bunnies!

Stay happy, stay healthy and Dream Big.

Auntie Cath

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