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Being proud of my pregnancy body and trying out hypnobirthing and yoga

I’ve had quite a few tweets and letters asking my advice on pregnancy fitness.

Something that I have noticed from reading your letters is how negatively some women are viewing these changes to their amazing bodies. I strongly believe the media is responsible.

New mums and mums to be, confused as to ‘ Why don’t we look like the celebs in the magazines’ , ‘how do celebs stay skinny while pregnant?’ (not something that should cross a pregnant ladies mind) Skinny+pregnant = not healthy (excusing certain medical conditions obviously) strong+ pregnant = best for you and baby! No brainer! It has always amazed me that some people view a ladies pregnant body in a negative way. To comment on something so wonderful in a hurtful way. We are bombarded of pictures of ‘celebrities’ posting photographs of themselves 5 minutes after giving birth looking … Well…tiny. Ridiculously tiny. Not an ounce of cellulite, a perfectly flat tummy and perky boobs to boot! I train hard and eat well, but inevitably I am of course gaining weight during pregnancy.

Each mother is different. You could be the healthiest eater in the word and train for the whole 9 months but if your hormones dictate that you are to store fat in a less than desirable area. Then there’s not much one can do. I’m a firm believer in keeping fit during pregnancy and I certainly don’t believe junk food is at all necessary. It won’t do you any favours- and it won’t do baby any favours! There are some magazines out there commenting on the weight/shape of new mums. GIVE US a break!! It’s actually really refreshing to see pictures of celebrity looking ‘normal’ like the hundreds of other new mums out there. Instead of a mum that has jumped straight back into a pair of size 6 jeans and is swearing by ‘juicing’ (both unrealistic).

It became very clear to me from the start that all that matters for these special nine months of my life is that baby is healthy and I am healthy. That is as much as I can do. I fully intend to enjoy each day that my son is safe in my tummy and enjoy each day of my maternity leave without feeling like I’m a failure for not looking a million dollars.

What my body is doing is bloody amazing! Mums are AMAZING!! Hold your heads high yummy mummies!! Be happy, be healthy and deflect negativity from your life- you’re awesome.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a session with Cheryl MacDonald this week (author of ‘Birth Rocks’) Cheryl specialises in Hypnobirthing and yoga. One of the most important things for me as an expectant mother is lowering stress levels.

My job can keep me busy – if I do have a spare hour or two it’s SO important to use that time wisely. I’ve spoken in the past about how important meditation is. It certainly works for me- which is what has attracted me to researching Hypno birthing. Hypno Birthing is much more than simply self hypnosis or hypnotherapy for childbirth. With Hypno Birthing, you discover that severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labour. Hypno birthing practitioners like Cheryl help mum’s to-be learn how to release the fears and anxieties we may currently have about giving birth. It focusses on the joy and magic of birth – rather than the horrific ordeal everyone else seems hell-bent on telling you about! Most importantly for me (as a a self confessed control freak )- you learn how to put yourself back in control of your birth. Its gotta be worth a shot right? I’ll keep you guys updated as my sessions progress! It really does make so much sense though.

I’ve been struggling with backache this week, so I have been swimming rather than weight training. To ease the pressure on my back. I came up with a fab invention – a hot water bottle strapped to my back during filming. Simon Gregson took this picture. I’m thinking it may stand a chance on ‘Dragons Den’ what you reckon? No? Okay…


It was my best friends birthday this week (Peter Eccleston). So we had a lovely ‘chippy tea’ as a treat. Jennie McAlpine came too, along with our friend Laura, who is also pregnant – there was a lot of oestrogen in that room! We had a gorgeous time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE!!



I had lunch with my good friend Armand Beasley (@ArmandBeasley) this week – make-up artist and Skin care expert. I’ve been moaning about my skin during the winter months for years – but since following Armands tips I have noticed a vast improvement! Here’s his top five tips to better skin!


1. Hydration.
We all know that we should drink at least 2 litres of water a day but in the winter that can be tricky as we tend to crave warmth rather than a cold glass of water. There are a couple of ways around this: don’t store your water in the fridge, drink it at room temperature or have a pint of warm water (from the kettle) with some lemon first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The latter is not only hydrating,it’s great for digestion.

2. Cleanse.
The most important part of a skincare regime, in my opinion, is cleansing.
It’s so important to ensure efficient removal, not only of make-up, but the dirt and debris of the day. Splashing your face with water alone is not enough to ensure that your skin is primed and ready for moisturiser. Invest in a cleansing cream if you have dry skin or a rinse off cleansing gel if you’re more oily. Face wipes should only be used in absolute emergencies! They should NOT replace a good quality cleanser…

3. Lip service.
Lips get a real battering in the winter months so invest a petroleum free lip product. Ingredients like jojoba oil, Shea butter and vitamin E are soothing and smoothing. Before applying, gently slough off any dry skin on the lips with a baby tooth brush. Once you have applied your lip balm you can start your make-up routine, so by the time you get to applying lipstick, your lip treatment should have absorbed in.

4. Handy tip.
Dry and wind chapped hands need a pamper too. A lot of the time we forget or loose our gloves so the hands are exposed to the elements. Also with the increase of using water free hand sanitisers, skin on the hands needs more hydration than ever. Lots of supermarkets and chemists sell travel size hand creams now so it’s easy to apply on the go. Choose one that contains Shea butter and a mineral ( zinc or titanium dioxide) SPF.

5. Eye opener!
I get quite a lot of emails from women, especially at this time of year, complaining about waking up with puffy eyes. Reasons for this can include alcohol consumption, poor sleep, flat pillows or something as simple as using your face cream too close to the eye. The skin around your eye area is about 40% thinner than the rest of the skin on your face, so always use a specific eye treatment and apply gently by patting the product ( size of a grain of rice) around the orbital bone with your ring finger ( this finger ensures the lightest touch). You face cream should never be used around the eye. If you’re prone to darkness then look out for eye gels which have ingredients like caffeine, arnica and green tea. Try and use a pillow which allows a slight elevation to your so that fluid can drain and not collect around the eyes ( always make sure that your neck is supported of course).

Until Next Week!

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy and DREAM BIG!

Love Auntie Cath


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