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Ovaries, Omega 3 and Boob Lifts!

As always it has been a busy week! It kicked off with a very wet visit to Ipswich, which was quite apt really, as I was there to talk about ‘The Great East Swim’! I met some truly inspirational people whilst there, people of all ages and abilities gearing up to take part in the swim.

Everyone had their own reasons, their own story and their own goals. Hearing what some of the competitors had to say was inspiring, heart-warming and sometimes tear jerking.


It gave me a real sense of ‘we’re all in this together’. I’m really looking forward to my first swim now (I’m still secretly terrified of the open water mind), nonetheless, I think it’ll be pretty special to swim alongside such inspirational people.

Great Swim

Great Swim

At the weekend I met up with my old school friends. There’s a small group of us, that would you believe have been friends since we were four years old!! Through play school, primary school, high school, college and university, we’ve remained close friends. How they’ve put up with me this long is a complete mystery!

It’s a big time in our lives at the moment as the first of our little clan is about to become a mummy! My good friend Katie is due on the 19th July, so we gathered round and threw her a fabulous baby shower.

Kate has decided to keep the sex of her baby a surprise (which is driving me nuts! I’d SO have to find out!!). It’s Katie that has inspired this week’s blog. Watching the little girl I went to nursery with bloom into a beautiful yummy mummy is so wonderful and lovely to see, however I’m sure many of you mums out there will agree, it’s not all smooth driving through pregnancy.

I’m yet to experience the ‘joys’ myself but as Katie fills me in on the glories of morning sickness, weird cravings, back ache, acid reflux and raging hormones, I begin to wonder if a goldfish might be a better option for myself!

Look after your ovaries

Look after your ovaries

I’ll be chatting a bit more about exercise during pregnancy over the next few weeks – what’s helpful and what’s not, what’s safe and what’s just plain stupid. As more of my friends prepare to start families I contacted medicinal chef @Dale_pinniock to talk all things ovaries and Omega 3 (he must dread my phone calls these days)!

“It’s a real no brainer that if you are planning to get pregnant and when you are pregnant, you need to be in as good a nutritional shape as possible. But, there are certainly a few key nutrients that are vital, one of which never gets discussed.

Ok, so we have all probably by now heard about the importance of folic acid before and during pregnancy, but how often have you heard people talking about DHA? Exactly! Well, DHA is an omega 3 fatty acid that is absolutely vital for child development.

It is a structural nutrient, meaning that it is a building block for the structure of a body tissue. In this case, it is the brain and nervous system. The brain and nervous system are composed mainly of a special type of fat.

My pregnant friend

My pregnant friend

This fat is vital and allows the whole nervous system to work. We need to take in a constant supply of key fatty acids to build and maintain this, and their intake at key life stages can affect things as important as learning and cognition, plus mood and behaviour.

It is of FUNDAMENTAL importance that if you are even thinking about becoming pregnant, you start getting in more of omega 3 fatty acids, with particular focus on DHA straight away, as it is vital pre, during, and post pregnancy (when breast feeding).

You know me, I’m all about food first, but this is one area where supplementation is a necessity I’d say. Look for the highest level omega 3 you can find and start straight away. Also, oily fish is going to become your friend here. Salmon, mackerel, herrings are all very rich sources, so find ways to get them in to your diet. – Dale Pinnock

Paul boys has been teaching boob lifts and chest presses

@Paul_Boys (my trainer) is back from his holiday in NYC…the trip hasn’t mellowed him at all – he’s still really mean! He’s like the Simon Cowell of the gym! He’s been kicking my asciender BIG time this week ahead of the Soap Awards, one of my favourite upper body exercises is the ‘Chest Press’ – or the ‘Boob Lifter’ as I call it! Give it a go guys, Paul explains the perky-pros below :-)

The Chest Press- aka bingo wing buster and boob lifter…
This is just one variation, there are many. Lie flat on the bench, with feet placed flat and firm to the ground, a little arch in the back is fine as long as shoulders and between the shoulders blades are firmly fixed against the bench.

From the position of arms extended out in front of you, bend your arms down into flexion at the elbows allowing the elbows to drop down under control of 2-3 seconds down past approx 90 degrees, then reverse the motion fully extending the arms for 1 second. Then repeat for 12-15 reps 2-5 sets with the weight to work within the rep range. Weight and set range should match gym experience at resistance training.


Paul boys has been teaching boob lifts and chest presses

In other news I’ve been busy in the kitchen again! Loving your tweet pictures by the way guys, quite a few of you seemed to enjoy ‘Auntie Cath’s Paleo Fish Cakes’. Soooo this week I made…

‘Turkey got Squashed’ 

Butternut Squash, halved and cleaned out
1lb of lean minced turkey
1 red pepper chopped
8 Cherry tomatoes
1 fresh chilli
2 Garlic cloves
1 red onion finely chopped
2 tbsp of Organic coconut oil
Fresh basil chopped
Fresh oregano chopped

Cut the squash in half and clean out the seeds. Rub the coconut oil all over the squash and bake for 30 mins on 200. While the squash is baking, lightly fry the turkey and remaining ingredients until golden brown. Divide into the squash segments and bake for another 20-30 mins until cooked. Serve with fresh spinach salad and balsamic vinegar.

Until next week campers! Stay happy. Stay healthy. Dream BIG!
Auntie Cath x

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