Second Summer Saviours

With this heatwave we’ve been experiencing this week, my beauty regime is not quite how I expected it to be in October, so I thought I would share with you some of the products keeping me in tip top condition in the heat!


First off I have to take my hat off to Sure’s MotionSense Deodorant. It is super effective and has looked after me very well in the past few sweltering days in London. I have been dashing aroung like a mad thing and this little beauty has kept me super fresh, in spite of the fact that I have literally been melting everywhere I’ve been. That is £2.86 for 150ml aerosol from practically everywhere!  Apologies for its weird presence in the pic – I forgot to include it in my photo. Whoops!

My second hero is my Murad Perfecting Day Cream SPF 30este. It is part of the brands Age Reform collection so looks after my wrinkles whilst preventing  sunburn. It also has UVA protection to ensure I’m protected from those nasty ageing rays too! It creates a lovely base for makeup.

Next up is My Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess SPF 30. The second the sun comes out, this comes out. This Indian Summer isn’t going to catch me on the hop! It smells delicious, feels great and takes me straight back to my Summer hols. Lovely.

Hair gets a bit drier in the heat so I gave myself a treatment with Dove’s Intensive Repair Regenerating Mask. It’s an absolutely gorgeous treatment – a super whippy mousse textured cream that you leave on for 3-5 minutes. It leaves my hair feeling silky and refreshed.

For any shine attacks I’ve used my Keromask Mineral Rich Finshing Powder. It softly mattifies skin without sitting in the lines and keeps my makeup in tip top shape. It actually comes in solid form and you grind it when you want to use it, so it’s always fresh.

I’ve swapped to my waterproof mascara from Estee Lauder – Sumptuous Waterproof Bold Volume Lifting Mascara. It doesn’t shift at all, and even survives the gym.

For dry lips, dry skin and any other skin problems, I’ve been using Egytian Magic, a new little discovery, and reportedly a celeb favourite with fans including Gisele, Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson and Madonna!!It’s an all-purpose product and can pretty much solve all beauty issues. And if you’ve happened to get a little burnt, this will soothe and heal. You can read my Youtube review on this here.

Finally, for when I have felt like I am about to totally melt in the heat, I have turned to the absolute treasure that it Avene’s Thermal Water Spray, which you can spritz on any time, any place, to instantly refresh you.  I even take it to the gym.

You may have noticed that I mentioned the gym twice? Yes I have joined again. You’ll probably be hearing about that soon!




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