Summer Style Essentials: The Maxi Dress

A good maxi dress is hard to find. I never thought it would be, because I see so many girls looking utterly gorgeous in them, like this beauty (above)  in Betty Jackson Autumn Winter 11, at London Fashion Week. But when I have tried, there have been serious issues.

Generally, the straps are never wide enough to conceal my bra, the bulk of fabric completely hides my waist,  I lose all definition, and end up feeling kind of big, blobby and a bit clumsy. Not at all glam and willowy like the other girls in maxis!!

But recently, I found my maxi dress. My ultimate maxi dress!! It perfectly covers my bra straps, has extra room in the bust, cinches my waist at the smallest part (hallelujah) and is the perfect floor skimming length in flats (I am 5’6″ FYI).




The bust has a sexy cut, and as long as you are wearing the right size bra, there’s no unflattering spillage. It’s fully lined, so no nasty clinging and it flows over the body like a dream.

And here’s how I found it…

Earlier in the year, I was introduced to a clothing range called Pepperberry (from bra experts Bravissimo), which in a nutshell, sells clothes designed with boobs in mind! Pepperberry clothes come in sizes 8-18 but the most important part is that each of these sizes will come in three different bust sizes – Curvy, Really Curvy and Super Curvy.


Curvy is similar to a normal high street size whilst Really Curvy and Super Curvy are for the girls with bigger boobage. This really appealed to me as I am a tad top heavy, and generally find the upper body fabric allowance in many clothes a little on the stingy side. I’ve been waiting ever since for the Summer drop to hit stores. And my maxi dress came with it!

The cut on the mid section is so flattering that even if you don’t have bigger boobs, you could seriously fall for this dress (just go for the Curvy fit).

Maxi’s are a summer suitcase definite. They are a perfect cover up for early holiday pasty legs – although never my problem owing to my fake tan addiction, great for daytime over swimwear, and night time for going out. What more could you ask for from any item of clothing?

Oh I know! That it doesn’t crease, will ping out of your case ready to wear, and that you can chuck it in the washing machine with no need to iron. Check, check, check! My dress does it all!! It certainly earns its £69 price tag.

If it could apply SPF to my back and watch my son in the swimming pool, I could virtually never want for anything else on my hols!! Excited!

And now I’ll go and calm down!




  1. Good post. I love the look of a maxi dress too, but I’m 5′ 10″ and I would say Really Curvy… so I need a Maxi to be extra long….. definitely going to look up Pepperberry. Hopefully they ship to the Americas!

  2. That is a divine looking maxi dress and you wear it with effortless style!

  3. I totally have this dress in blue and the fact that it doesn’t need ironing means it’s the first dress I throw in a bag to stay at the boyfriend’s or when going away for the weekend. looks great on you.

  4. The Betty Jackson dress is so vibrant – I adore bright sunshin-ey colours in sunlight!
    While tall girls look lovely and relaxed in flip flops, those high wedges are perfet for shorter women, as the longer dresses make us appear very small!

    Your dress looks very lovely on you Anne-Marie!

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