The Meditator


Here I am in my last few days in Formentera with  family. In today’s pictures you can see I’m with my nephew Julio inside my Mehari, I love driving this car when I’m on the island, it’s a classic in Formentera and an off-road that takes you through really difficult paths. Well, I must admit that sometimes I’ve had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and it’s been a complete nightmare to try and fix it! You might remember a post I wrote in April 2013 when my cousins and I were on our way to the beach and suddenly we had to change the tire. After trying really hard, in the end we had to ask people in the nearest restaurant to help us. We got quite muddy but it was really funny!

My Mehari has been part of some of the photoshoots I’ve done here for several magazines as you can also see in the pictures I’m showing you today. It’s certainly part of my life when I come to my house.

Today’s look is a top from Miu Miu which I’ve had for more than 12 years, jeans shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch and Ash sandals from this summer’s collection. The necklace is from THE MEDITATOR for Eustyle, we sell thess necklaces because they have a nice story behind them. The benefits of selling them go straight to a meditation, yoga and healing centre in Cowdry Hall in Midhurst.

The earrings I already had in Formentera for quite a while now and the ring is from Carrera y Carrera.

Enjoy your weekend!