Hello Everyone!

At the end of June and before going on holiday, I attended the launch of Garnier “Essentials” Creams, a new anti-aging treatment suitable for Women from 35 to 55. I highly recommend you to try them as they’re really great for your skin!
The event took place in the Unico Hotel in Madrid and even though the press conference was inside the hotel, some of the pictures where taken in the beautiful garden.

As some of you already know, I’ve been the image of Garnier in Spain for more than 3 years so whenever I go to this kind of event I feel really proud of being part of the L’Oreal family. Thanks for looking after me!

Before everything started, my hair was done by Crisanto and the make-up by Gato. They’re both excellent professionals and whenever we meet again we always remember the great times we’ve spent together in other photohoots or presentations of this kind.

For that day I chose to wear a Dolce & Gabbana dress which I thought really matched the colours of the brand Garnier. The shoes were from Mas34 for Eustyle and the necklace from Teria Yabar also for Eustyle.