Orange: the colour of summer!

Hello everybody!

Many of you have already started your holidays, I hope you’ll enjoy them a lot and have a great time: whether you’re spending time on the beach or mountain, city or country, holidays are for relaxing to the max,  forgetting about problems, and even what day it is!

This summer I am wearing many swimsuits, even more than bikinis! I always thought that a swimming costume is elegant, but more uncomfortable than the bikini, but it fits really nicely so it’s worth it.

Today I want to show you another swimsuit, more classic than the previous one I showed before, it’s the summer colour, orange. It’s from Eres, one of my favourite swimsuit brands, with fabrics and shapes that fit really nicely. Cross chain is from MARAMZ for EUSTYLE. I have seen the new collections of nail polish from Essie and Max Faxtor, and there are many shades of orange, the colour of summer!

Speaking of orange, there is also the case of perfumes ATELIER COLOGNE, mine is amber nue and you can personalize the case with your initials.

I’m loving two products this summer for the sun, the DELIAL bruma seca with SPF 50 for the beginning of the summer and 20 or 30 for the rest and the DELIAL bb cream with spf 50.

After spending a day on the beach I love the DIOR svelte dry oil, which soothes and refines the skin…lovely.

And you, do you like the colour orange? Have you bought any orange summer purchases?

Have a nice day!