Hi everyone!

When I arrived in Formentera with my son some days ago, I realised  that his bedroom was not adapted for a baby’s needs. I didn’t have furniture to put all his delicate things in and which also matched the house. So I started to look on the internet and I discovered a website  from a furniture and decoration brand that I just love now!! It’s called   BANAK IMPORTA( ), a brand which is 100% Spanish and also has shops in many other countries. I presume some of you already know them. Their web is  and in it you can find a great variety to decorate your home.

It’s here where I found just what I was looking for, an ideal chest of drawers  ( )  to keep Alfonsito’s clothes and all the baby products I need for him during our holidays. And after finding what I needed I couldn’t help myself from getting other lovely things for the house. All these details in someone’s house are what gives your home your own personality. In this occasion I got a mirror as well as a vase and an artificial flower made of rice paper for the guest bathroom, a vase and a candle holder which is already in my bathroom and a lantern with a candle inside which I’ve put in my living room. I’ve always thought that these lanterns are perfect for a terrace or for beach houses.

Hope you like everything!