The baptism

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share with you a photos from a very special day.

On Saturday we baptised our son, surrounded by all our friends and family. The ceremony took place in Saint Nicolas of Bari Church and afterwards we invited all of our guests back to our house to enjoy a lovely meal with delicious food made by Cristina Oria. My favourite is the Foie that Cristina makes, but the rest of the food was also amazing: Mini Burguers, all kinds of iberican ham, gazpacho, all different types of cheese served with jam, duck rolls, hake, chicken breast with bechamel and many more lovely things!

We had a wonderful day all together. My niece Minieu and her brother Manolito wore traditional outfits that used to belong to myself and my siblings when we were younger.

Eva Villar came to my house to do my hair and make up, I was so happy with my look!

Alfonsito was wearing a handmade dress made out of thread that has been in my family for years and was restored by my aunty Ana Cabello de los Cobos, she did such a wonderful job, it looked as good as new.

My look:

Skirt and top: Kolonaki
Shoes: Giorgio Armani
Earrings: Legorburu Atelier at Eustyle

Hope you guys like the pictures,