Something familiar

Hi everyone!

This past weekend while I was drying little Alfonsito after his bath and before going to sleep, I realized that I’m still using the same product that my mum used with me and my brothers when we were little: Johnson’s Baby oil. Didn’t we all have one at home? I can still remember the bottle in our bathroom inside a basket next to baby perfume, a comb and other products and I still have the image of my mum using it with my brother.

My sister is now using it on my nephew and niece and she has always told me that it was amazing how their skin looked so soft and hydrated. Even though we used the traditional baby oil, I have now discovered their new range which contains Aloe Vera and has a lovely smell.

Every day I give my baby a massage with this baby oil, and it is very easy to apply when his body is still wet. It’s a very special moment because Alfonso ends up completely relaxed and I know he really enjoys it. You should see his face after this massage!!

I’ve also started using it again now after the shower because it gives my legs, arms and chest a bright colour. I normally apply it over my wet skin and it gives me a great hydrating feeling and it absorbs very quickly. A trick I learned from my make-up artist and hairdresser friends is to use it on my hair if I want to give it a wet hair image. It’s also perfect for this time of the year after all the hours we spend exposed to the sun either by the pool or on the beach – which makes our skin dryer.
I’m sure you’ve all used it at least once and I really recommend it now during the summer.

And for those of you who are mothers, a trick for you to take into account is that if you use the same products as your children, your luggage will be much lighter when you have to travel!

Have a great Tuesday!