A special dress

Good morning!

Last weekend I went to a dinner party in the garden of a friend’s house, which was a really good plan now that the good weather is finally here!

As it was a formal dinner, I wanted to go elegant, but without heels, because as I said, the dinner was on a lawn in the garden. And we all know how very uncomfortable it is to dig heels out of grass, which could also result in breaking them. So I chose a pair of Roman sandals from Chanel and a Sira Ryf dress, available at: www.eustyle.es. It’s a simple outfit, but with special details – a very comfortable and suitable look, perfect for the occasion.

Now that we’re in the wedding season and many of them are held in the country side, I recommend wearing wedges and if you are tall, you can find many suitable shoes, such as nice flat sandals. You can go elegant and comfortably sometimes, especially when you know you will be standing for a long time.

The necklace is from Teria Yabar, also at: www.eustyle.es, and you know that I love anything made by Teria!

Hope you like it!