A coffee in the Oriente square

Good Morning!

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend. We have enjoyed spending time around where we live in Madrid, it’s a lovely area so we’ve gone for some nice strolls. Today I’ll show you some pictures from the Oriente Square next to the Royal Palace.

I’m wearing:

A colourful blouse from the AB Oviedo store – I can’t go there very often anymore, so I asked them to send me some clothes they think I’d like, and as always they got it right! Distance shopping!

Jacket from Helmut Lang.

The bag is from the brand Pantera, which I bought during my last trip to Mexico.

The trousers are from Lio de Faldas for Eustyle (www.eustyle.es), they are super comfortable and trendy!

Shoes are from Battu, also for Eustyle, and sunglasses are from Ray Ban.