Hi everybody!

At the moment, because of Alfonsito, I’m still not back to working full-time, which means I have more time to focus on my blog posts. Today I want to show you some photos that were taken a few days after I gave birth.

Seeing these images now I can see the changes that have happened to my face. In these pictures my face was still a little plump from the weight I gained during my pregnancy but I love that I have that new mother glow.

In The pictures I’m wearing:
Jeans: Paige
Shirt: Berenice
Necklace: Spanish and Sisters for Eustyle
Kimono: Lío de Faldas for Eustyle
Purse: Lacambra for Eustyle
Lipstick: Dolce & Gabbana
Glasses: Indianas Formentera
Shoes: Canden Garden for Eustyle

Hope you like it!