Family time

Step by step I’m getting back into work, but always with Alfonsito by my side! I just can’t seem to separate myself from him just yet!

The pictures I’m showing you today, were taken at my parents’ house two days ago, when I was having lunch with them. The truth is that although I have been organized with the baby, they have been a great help with the baby in these few first weeks.

As most of you know, I have a very big family. With approximately ​​thirty cousins, taking care of my nephews and neices these past few years has given me confidence when looking after Alfonsito.

I love the look i’ve chosen today because I think it would be perfect for a casual meal with family or friends.

Leggings: David Terner for Cool the Sack
Top: H&M
Shirt: American Vintage also for Cool the Sack
Shawl: Loewe
Boots: Sira Ryf
Bracelets: Le Bonne Etoilefor for Eustyle
Bag: Sira Ryf for Eustyle

Hope you like it!

Eu xxx

What are your plans for this weekend? I will have lunch with some friends that I have not seen in a time, so they will know Alfonsito, Any recommendations? Also my sister comes from Oviedo to be with the family so I’ll be busy!