An unforgettable photoshoot

Good morning everyone, hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

A few days ago I decided to go to Marbella to take advantage of the good weather we’re having here in Spain and to introduce Alfonsito to the beach.

During my stay I decided to organize a photoshoot which some of you may have already seen published in the Spanish HOLA! Magazine.

As always, I worked with an amazing team: the pictures were taken by Gonzalo Machado who came with his assistant Dario. In charge of my hair and make up for the dat was my dear friend Eva Villar.

The pictures were taken at my parents-in-law’s house. They have a wonderful villa with a spectacular garden. The garden looked amazing with the Bougainvillea plant and the stunning fuchsia flowers.

The shooting took longer than normal because I had to stop every now-and-again to feed the baby. Still, Alfonsito behaved really well during the whole day; I don’t know if he got used to the flashes when he was in the tummy or he´s simply inherited it from me, but he managed to make it through the whole day without crying!

I must say that it was a peculiar day surrounded by flashes, nappies, designer clothes, dummies, high heel shoes, bootees, etc. It was completely different to any other photoshoot I’ve done before, but I must admit that I had a great time and it was so much fun to work with the baby.


Eu xxx