The weekend!

Good morning to you all!!!

Between my medical check-ups and moving the final things in to my new house, I managed to squeeze in some time to take some pictures. Hopefully things are going to start settling down now!

Today’s look:

T-shirt: The hip tee’s new collection
Earrings and leaf bracelets: Nucca for Eustyle
Coloured stone bracelets: Spanish and Sisters
The geometric design bracelet: Maramz

I have been experimenting with some of my new make-up today:

Eyeshadow: “Desert” from Dolce& Gabanna
Lipstick: No. 230 Chic “Cream collection” from D&G
Foundation: Les Beiges from Chanel

I also want to show you a present I received from my friend Angel Schlesser. It’s their orange flower perfume which is really fresh and perfect now that it’s getting hot outside. Thanks so much Anabel and Angel!

I also want to thank the GIRISSIMA.COM team for the lovely outfit they sent Alfonsito from the brand María Gorda, I can´t wait to dress him up in it.

Finally, I would like to show you some products from Maria Duol which have been recommended to me by some of my friends to help me with my recovery following the birth. I´d like to know if you´ve heard about them before and if you´ve used them and if so which ones worked well after having a baby,any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Enjoy your weekend!