Beautiful little things

Hi everyone!

At the moment I don’t really feel like posing for photos so instead I’m going to show you some pretty things that I have bought or been given in the past couple of days. I’m been given so many lovely presents from family and friends I don’t know what to do with them all.

I also want to show you some new things I’ve choosen for Eustyle for the upcoming spring-summer collections. At the moment we’re making lots of changes to the website and I hope that you will enjoy shopping on the site as much as I do creating it.

– My friend Patricia has sent me some cookies with Alfonsito’s name on them, aren’t they adorable?

– Another thing I want to show you is this gorgeous shoulder bag from Spanish and Sisters. The colours are incredible and I love the ethnic touch.I’m looking forward to wearing it in the summer with my Spanish and Sisters necklaces that we sell on Eustyle.

– The brand Lacambra also has some amazing colours this season. Pink seems to be the color this summer and I have this beautiful soft skin purse in most fabulous shade of pink.

– The necklace is from Thiara on Eustyle and is a new addition to the website.

– From the Crown of Roses brand I have chosen this necklace with the ‘Virgen del rocio’ made of rock crystal.

– My last post before I gave birth I showed you a Spanish and Sisters necklace, that we have at Eustyle, that comes in lots of fab colours; so here they are.

– Dior were incredibly kind and sent Alfonsito pyjamas and a wonderful little towel. Thank you so much!

– I was given the book “La primera vez que naci” (the first time I was born) and it’s so funny, such a special gift.

– Another gift that I love is from the girls at itandvip and it’s a small Laura Peralba watercolour

– For those looking for an original gift, have a look at Pippa’s, where they prepare the most original hampers and baskets. They sent one to Alfonsito which included a plant, games, knickknacks and a mobile to hang from the ceiling.

Big kiss