Preventative treatments

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! As this week has been quite relaxed at work, I’ve had time to really look after myself. I have finally had the time to have a treatment at The Beauty Concept, go to the hairdresser (which I really needed!), and take time out for myself, which is so important right now because my body is experiencing so many changes and it is necessary that women at this stage in their pregnancy feel good and look good.

At The Beauty Concept I have been having a special treatment which is specifically formulated for pregnant women. I couldn’t live without it! In the last few weeks I’ve really noticed how tired my body has become and this treatment specifically alleviates the tiredness in your legs and prevents stretch marks.

The text below explains the treatment in detail:

“Prevention of stretch marks, tired legs and total relaxation”

At the beauty Concept our treatments take place in an aromatized and relaxing environment in order to achieve total relaxation.
This treatment is performed by expert masseuses that aim to open up a world of new senses, balance out your energy and leave your skin smooth and rejuvenated.

The treatment:

Step 1: Apply the peeling mousse, this product cleans and leaves your skin prepared for the following steps by preparing it for the absorption of the main ingredients.
For this step, we work with the whole body, starting at the bottom and working our way up from the feet and the legs until the neckline and the bust.

Step 2: We remove the peeling mousse with warm towels and gentle pressure which starts the lymphatic drainage.

Step 3: This step is divided into two parts:
3.1: We work the feet and the legs: We prepare a cocktail of products which contain: extracts from different plants, tripeptides and green algae. As we put on the solution we give you a circulation message.
3.2: We work with the arms, abdomen, chest and neck: a deep massage with a healing solution to help prevent stretch marks, it works on sagging skin, improves your skin tone and helps strengthen your immune system.

Step 4: We use acupressure; this massage helps improve the lymphatic drainage and circulation.

At the Beauty Concept they know how to look after pregnant women and have also given lots of good advice about creams and products to use in order to prevent pregnancy side effects.

In the photos I am wearing a new necklace that we have at Eustyle, from the Spring collection of Spanish and Sister. I have it in lots of different colours but my favourite is the pink. My lipstick is a new product from Benefit called benebalm! I love it I’m absolutely addicted

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!