El Greco

Hi everyone!

Last Friday I went to the opening of the “El Greco in Toledo” exhibition which is being held in the Santa Cruz Museum of Toledo as part of the celebrations to commemorate the IV Centenary of El Greco’s death. I left Madrid very early on Friday morning in order to get to Toledo in good time and await the arrival of HM The Queen of Spain.

The exhibition is amazing. It is incredible to have more than 100 of El Greco’s artworks under one roof. What really stood out for me was the special relationship that he had with Toledo, you can see the city in so many of his paintings. Unfortunately as there were so many people at the opening I was unable to have a good look at all his pieces but hopefully after the baby is born I will return and have more time to study his master pieces.

As you can imagine it is starting to get more and more difficult to find a look which is comfortable and elegant to wear to these events. Fortunately I found this outfit at GIRISSIMA.com with the dress, waist coat and necklace all from Malene Birger.

The handbag is from Garin for Eustyle and the shoes are from Battu for Eustyle.
I can’t wear high heels anymore so instead I opted to wear comfy flats.