The perfect children’s shop

Hello from Oviedo!

I have come to spend a few days with my sister and her family and for some much needed relaxation and to take some time to get a little bit of perspective because between the office and looking for a flat, because I want to move to a big place, recently things have been quite stressful.

However I can’t complain as everything is going well, but I have such a big change in my life ahead of me and I’m still not prepared for the arrival of this baby!  So to start the ball rolling today I went to a children’s shop called  El Pequeno Saltamontes and I found some great things.


Today’s look:

Trousers: Joe’s

Jumper: Zara

Ballerina pumps:  Tita Bonita for Eustyle

Golden leaf Bracelet: NUCCA for Eustyle

Zarconia bracelet: Apodemia for Eustyle

Ring: NUCCA for Eustyle


Coat: Eustyle