Santa María del Naranco

Hi everybody!

Today I want to show one of the most beautiful places in Oviedo: the Church of Santa María del Naranco. It is a few miles from the city, but it’s I think it is definitely worth a visit as it’s one of the most spectacular churches I’ve ever seen. King Ramiro I ordered its construction and it was completed in the year 842. I find it incredible that such an old building is still standing after more than a thousand years. I always think that in Spain we don’t value our historical relics enough and that we should treasure them more.

Over the weekend, I went for dinner at my friend’s house which is close to Santa María del Naranco. Seeing that the skies were clearing up my brother-in-law and I decided to take advantage of the good weather, and popped out to get a few good snaps before the rain came again!

My look:

Dress: Zara

Cape: Guess

Boots: Mango

Handbag: Loewe

Necklaces: Luis Zángara for Eustyle

Bracelet: Apodemia for Eustyle

Lip colour: Isadora

Hope you liked it, in the next few days I will be showing you pictures from other trips I’ve made this week.