A cosy look

The week that I’ve spent in Oviedo with my sister and her family, has been amazing! It’s such a wonderful city and somewhere I feel I can totally disconnect from everything.

You know that in my free time I love nothing more that to relax and go for walks and during my stay in Oviedo that’s exactly what I did.

One afternoon I went for a long walk with my neices and nephews and sister Inés. On our walk we discovered a great little tea shop that sells beautiful tea cups and pots. Years ago I stopped drinking coffee and since then I have become a big tea drinker. I love trying out different varities and brands of tea, and now have become so used to it that I can’t leave the house with a cuppa!

In this great tea shop we found, ESPECIATE, I bought lots of new different varieties of tea. I can’t wait to try them all out and tell you about them.

For the freezing cold weather we had in Oviedo I wore:

Trousers: Joe’s

Boots: Machina model from Australia Luxe Collective

Jumper and scarf: Tequila Solo from AB Oviedo

The coat: La Fee Maraboutée from AB Oviedo

Bag: Loewe

Necklaces: Belao for Eustyle


Hope you like my look!