Taking care during my pregnancy

Hi everyone!

How has your week been?

I’ve been so busy, after my birthday celebrations on Monday I’ve had an intense week of work, but I’m trying to take advantage of these next few weeks before I get into the late stages of my pregnancy and I have to slow down and stop working entirely.

When I’m stressed out and busy I always like to think back to my holidays. Especially the last one I had in Marbella and the long walks on the beach that would last an hour and a half. Although I’m not allowed to run anymore I am trying to keep up my fitness doing Pilates and Yoga and walking as often as I can. I also try and take care of what I eat, but I think as long as I keep up my exercise I can indulge in my pregnancy cravings without having to worry too much about the extra weight I’m putting on.
While I was on one of my long walks, I usually like to take a brisk walk in the morning and one in the afternoon as well, I took these pictures of me wearing one of the new t-shirt designs from Lío de Faldas that we have at Eustyle which are currently on sale. They’re great whether you are pregnant or not.

My comfortable look:

Leggings: Zara
Flat shoes: Battu for Eustyle
Jacket: Sita Mur for Nac
Bracelets: Los complementos de María for Eustyle

I also wanted to show you a few products that I am using during pregnancy and which have helped me to take care of myself these past few months:

– Cream that prevents and repairs stretch marks from Natura Bissé I use it in the mornings and evenings.

Bio Oil I mix it with face cream and body cream.

– Super moisturizing and nourishing body cream Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter from Kiehl’s . I use it on my arms after showering and before going to sleep.

Face Cream supermulti-corrector , is a multifunctional moisturizer, with a formula free of parabens and is perfect for sensitive skin.

– For my evening face cream I use Codage Nuit , which is great for all skin types. It regenerates, nourishes and detoxifies the skin.

Lip Balm from By Terry , it is scented of roses, and I use every night before I go to sleep.

I hope it will help those of you who are pregnant. For me, all these products are helping me to take care of myself during my pregnancy, and will hopefully make my recovery after the birth a lot easier.