Looking after myself in Marbella

Good morning everyone, I hope you have all started the week well!

I know I keep mentioning my holidays in Marbella this Christmas but it was just so lovely and I really got the time to relax and look after myself. One of the day I went to go and get some beauty treatments done from Natura Bissé.  This is a brand that I love and I know is good for my skin especially during my pregnancy, making sure that I don’t have streaks or spots, which are common because of the hormones changing and varying your skin type.

Natura Bissé is a Spanish cosmetic luxury treatment film that leads it’s field in research, development and innovation and consequently have achieved success in Spain and abroad. In fact many celebrities and renowned make-up artist are some of the most customers of the brand. When I’m in New York or other cities in the world I feel very proud to see our Spanish breands succeeding internationally.

The treatments that I had in Marbella were at the Buchinger Clinic, where they really looked after me. The clinic specializes in nutrition, fasting therapy and integrative medicine. This place has been such a great discovery for me! Ana made me a whole body mask and peel, from the Vitamin C line that they have and gave me a face treatment from their diamond line and a hand lifting massage that left me with such a smooth face.

Today’s photos are of the facilities at the clinic, of me with the owners, Jutta and Claus and two of the natural products from Natura Bissé which I carry with me all the time in my vanity case.

So if you are every in Marbella for the weekend and want to pamper your body I highly recommend the Buchinguer clinic.