A lovely Sunday lunch

Hello everyone and happy Monday!

There are places that never seem to change, even despite the years passing or having particular success. I like those kind of places, similar to those kind of people – unaffected by time or popularity. I enjoy thinking that, as a person, I have not changed much in the past 20 years.

One such place that continues to remain unaffected, but still as wonderful, is one of my favourite restaurants in Madrid, called Casa Lucio. It is the perfect place for a lovely Sunday lunch, a classic and a must for the to-do list if you ever visit the city.

Today’s look:
Black leggings by Zara
Black suede ballerinas by Pretty Ballerina
Bag by Gucci
Coat by BA&SH for Cool the Sack
Necklace by Maramz for eustyle
Black top by simorra for NAC

I am going to be travelling in the weeks ahead, but I will continue to update my blog and you can also follow me on Instagram @itseusilva and on Twitter @eusilva.