The Tiger Temple and Thai food

Happy Monday everyone!

Even though autumn has arrived, I thought I’d share some memories from my summer trip to Bangkok to bring us some of that warmth and summer feeling to warm you up a little…

Do you remember that I told you that, on the way back from my trip to Bali, we stopped off in Bangkok for a few days? Well, while we were there, we had time to visit and discover some incredible spots. I have been in love with the Thai culture for a long time and I absolutely love Thai cuisine!

The first day we visited the Buddhist Tiger Temple, ‘Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua’, in the West. We stayed at the beautiful Peninsula Hotel, and up on the roof of the hotel they had a helicopter waiting to take us to the temple. An incredible way to travel and such stunning views! Once there the tigers we so lovable and cute, I would have taken a few home if I could have! ;)

Being a total of Thai cuisine, I couldn’t resist trying the local pad thai and a coconut curry – both were absolutely delicious. But for anyone who can’t make it to Thailand, I thought I would share with you my favourite Thai restaurants around the world…

In London: Muang Thai in Chalk Farm, next to Primrose Hill, perfect to take away and they have amazing spicy prawn crackers.

In Barcelona: Thai Gardens on Calle Diputacio. Thai Gardens is always a great choice whether you’re in Barcelona, Madrid or Mexico City.

In New York: Kuma Inn, unique and the food is exquisite!

In Madrid: Ginger Boy for take away or home delivery (their paper boxes remind me of NY’s take away!). Restaurant Siam on Calle San Bernardino, delicious and a classic Thai experience.

I love going to these Thai restaurants when I can, but what I really love is being able to try making my own Thai dishes at home using ingredients from Blue Elephant. Have you got any good Thai recipes that you like to make at home?