The Four Seasons of Eugenia Silva

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to tell you about one of the most special projects I have this year: the publishing of my new book “The Four Seasons of Eugenia Silva”.

I had never though about writing a book until the publishing house Planeta called me last year to propose the idea of turning the type of content that I write for my blog, into a book. Sharing my own experiences in fashion, beauty, cuisine and travelling. The fact is that I’ve always received lots of requests to recommend my beauty tips, my favourite shops in NY, the most fashionable restaurants in London, where to stay in Formentera, etc. This is why I thought it would be a good idea to include all of this information in a book that would be like a guide to answer all of those questions that I normally receive through Facebook, Twitter and my blog.

The book, as you can see from the title, has been divided into 4 parts like the four seasons of the year – this really helped me be able follow an order when it came to writing it. In each of this seasons I’ve included different sections: “Time to look after yourself” (what kind of sports you can do depending on the time of the year), “Four Cities, Four Seasons” (my favourite places in London, New York, Paris and Madrid), “My dear Spain” (memories from places in Spain where I spent my childhood or that means something to me), “Professional Secrets” (beauty tips from the experts), and finally “A walk through my life” (where I explain a bit more about myself: my favourite movies, my favourite songs, etc.)

This book wouldn’t have been the same without the collaboration of my dear friend Jordi Labanda, who has designed all of the illustrations. He had already drawn pictures of me in other campaigns so he immediately knew what I was looking for to make the book more interesting.

At the moment my book is only available in Spanish but is available from Amazon.

I’ve written it with all my love so I hope you like it!