A visit to Kiehl’s

Hi everybody!

How was your weekend? I hope you managed to enjoy some rest and relaxation. I was in Madrid with my family this weekend and got to spend some time with my nephews!

Last Thursday I went to visit the Kiehl‘s store in central Madrid, being one of my favourite cosmetic brands. I love their products and they have something from every type of skin, hair, etc. so that you always can find the perfect product for you!

Also, in-store you can have a skin diagnosis where they then recommend the most suitable creams for you. I bought “Açai” spray tonic antiox that protects skin from the sun and pollution, and also the facial mask.

I really want to try their new creams, such as their Multicorrective Cream. During my pregnancy I have to take more care of myself and the hormones have an effect on your skin and complexion, so right now I feel my skin is changing from one day to the next!

My look for my day at Kiehl’s:
Dress by Mango
Ballet pumps from Battu that soon you will find at Eustyle
Earrings and bracelet from Maramz for Eustyle
Bag from Celine that I bought at Barney’s NY