My Bali beauty products

Good morning!

Bali… incredible memories! As I’ve mentioned before, my main point of the trip was to genuinely relax – to smile, eat nice food, take care of myself, disconnect and rest. I achieved my goal through massages, practicing yoga daily, reading and enjoying a good skincare regime.

The pictures from today’s post were taken in my hotel room, which had wonderful views, and some pictures of the beauty products I took with me. Some of these products are classic staples found in my beauty bag and others I tried for the first time to see if they worked for me. Most of the ones I’m showing you today I hadn’t tried them before but have since become new favourites.

– Serum Terrapura by Carmen Navarro
– Concentrated elixir by Pro-Care, purchased at 5th Essence Square
– Serum by the beauty specialist Maribel Yebenes, my secret
– Modelling gel for legs by Maria Galland for Carmen Navarro
– Face mask by Maria Galland for a radiant skin, Carmen Navarro
– Amazing foam, cold, leaves the skin tight and wonderful, by Evidens de Beaute for Marta Garcia, who I visit when I’m in Oviedo

For the sun, but not only during summer, I use:
– Face skin protection Natura Bisse spf 30
– Delial by Garnier protection 50, for the face, bust and hands
– Immediately after the sun, regeneration serum by Ladival

When taking long flights, like those to get to Bali, I try to avoid my skin suffering by using Skin Rescuer by Kiehls.

These are all products I’ve been using during the summer, but I will continue using this autumn.

Which beauty products do you always have in your cosmetics bag?