Dinner with friends in the USA

Hi all!

I am in Prague for Prague Fashion Week, but I wanted to show you this look from my days in the USA. One of the nights some friends invited me over for dinner at their house and so I opted for a comfortable but stylish look.

My look:
This season’s dress by Antik Batik
My necklace I bought this summer from Stradivarius
Clutch by Lacambra for Eustyle 
Lipstick by NARS
Golden sandals you have seen me in the past but they dont last very long, they are completely destroyed by now!

I also have a great new secret gadget, which is how I update my twitter @eusilva and instagram @itseusilva updated – my new Blackberry Q10! I love it and always carry it in my bag to keep you posted on what I’m up to.

A big kiss to all and happy return to work/school!