Designer shopping in Prague

Hello everyone!

With a few more days still to go working in Prague, I had many different looks to try for various occasions. I enjoyed an afternoon stroll around the city going from changing room to changing room, visiting some of the most incredible Czech designers. In between these designer pitstops we managed to stop for a coffee and slice of cake at the art deco café Municipal House Café, a place you really have to go to if you visit Prague.

Later that night I went for dinner at a beautiful restaurant next to the river called Hergetova Cihelna.

Marketa Leheckova, director of the Czech Tourism Office in Spain accompanied us the whole time and we really couldn’t have had a better guide. Incredible! Thanks Marketa, you’re the best!

My tourist look today:

This season’s dress by Iro for Cool the Sack
This season’s suede ankle boots by Mascaro
Necklace by Uno de 50
Snake ring by Uno de 50
Longer necklace by Surmara for eustyle
Bag by Dior
Leather jacket by Anine Bing purchased in Los Angeles