Childhood memories in Spain

Hi everybody,

During the last few days of my holiday I’ve been in a very special place for me called Baños de Montemayor (‘Baths of Montemayor’). It has been a long time since I was last here, but I really love this little village. As a child I spent all my summers here, until I started working and studying and no longer had time for anything!

These past few days I’ve really enjoyed myself, spending time with my nephews, going to the park, going for walks along the old rail road – places where I spent great times as a child, and of which I have very fond memories. One afternoon we went to the spa resort’s terrace, formerly known as The Grill and on another occasion we had a splendid dinner at La Trovattore Italian restaurant. The owner of La Trovattore is Germán Balilla’s son, a great friend of the family. If you’re ever visiting the area I would highly recommend you pay the restaurant a visit, I can assure you that the pizzas he makes are some of the best I’ve ever eaten!

Baños de Montemayor is one of those typical holiday towns that you can find in the northern Extremadura and Salamanca regions of Spain. Similar towns are Candelario, Montemayor del Río and Hervás – famous for its old Jewish district. It’s a place that I has a special place in my heart as it is where my parents met; they spent the summers of their youth there with their families.

This small town is crossed by the Ruta de la Plata (Silver Route), and in some areas still you can find remains of the Roman road. Also, in the old spa they have found remains of Roman baths, which are certainly worth visiting. In the village, St. Mary’s church is particularly special, as is the neighborhood of el Castañar.

The photos in today’s post were taken in the courtyard of the Church, which is right next to my family home where I spent countless afternoons playing with my cousins when we were young.

Today’s look:
I’m wearing trousers and shirt from Pull & Bear from the new fall-winter season.
Necklace from Belao for Eustyle
Spanish & Sisters earrings for Eustyle
Repetto ballerinas
I’m also wearing Nars lip colour