Bali: Holiday in paradise – Part One

Enjoying my holidays in Bali with a few of my friends has been fantastic, I’ve been enjoying reading and most of all I have been able to really relax. The whole island is a total paradise and I’ve had such a wonderful time. I’ll show some of the holiday snaps in my the next posts.

We stayed at the Tugu Tugu hotel in Seminyak, which is located right by the beach. I was lucky to be able to enjoy a morning dip in the sea every day and afterwards enjoy lovely walks along the beach, truly amazing. Also, I’ve been learning how to surf, well it’s not like I’m an expert, but at least now I know the theory!

One of the nights on Bali we had dinner in a Mexican restaurant called Mexicola – funny, excellent tacos, beers, all in all a very cool nightlife experience.

The pictures in this post were taken at the hotel reception, where they served really good cocktails. While we were waiting for the rest of the group we go to enjoy a lovely Bloody Mary.

Many thanks for the pictures Sol, you are really special! I miss you!

I’m wearing denim shorts and a muslin shirt from Zara, Kimono from Saks, made to measure sandals from Capri and bag from Muzungu Sisters for Eustyle that I’ve been wearing all the summer. The colour bracelets are from Belao also for Eustyle as well as the earrings from Apodemia, that also available from Eustyle. The leather handbag is from Spanish & Sisters for Eustyle and the mobile phone case is from Pepe Phone.