A clambake in Connecticut

Hello all!

I’m here in Connecticut, and it’s typical here to prepare a clambake on the beach to celebrate 4th July. A lot of people come at night for a picnic, where they get together with their family and friends to organise a BBQ during summer. While I was working in Connecticut this time, we managed to do our own clambake on the beach and so thought I would share some of the pictures. I also thought you might like this clambake recipe for you to make your own at home, done by my favourite TV cook Barefoot Contessa (I could spend hours watching her cook!).

My look:
Shorts by Swildens for NAC
Shirt by Club Monaco
Golden sandals you have seen me wearing before
This season’s bikini by Mi & Co
Necklace by Beatriz Perla
Bracelet by Complementos de Maria for eustyle 
Tatiana bag by Muzungu Sisters for eustyle

What a great trip, I’ll be back home soon.