Making of surf

Hi everybody!

As most of you already know, for a few months now I’ve been working with HOLA fashion magazine where I’m doing fashion reports with friends and celebrities.

On this occasion I wanted to show you the making of the second production I’ve done. It was at the San Juan lake, where my friend Lucas Toda lent us his house which we used as “Headquarters”. The whole team went – Gonzalo Machado (photographer), Beatriz and Crisanto (makeup and hair), the models and Julia and me.

We were working from 7am to 10pm, but it was worth it as we had a really good time and the models were great: Conchita, Almudena, Paola and Carlota – thank you so much!

Here I’ve uploaded some of the photos that we took during the photoshoot, I hope you like them!!!


Eu x