Black and White


There are colour with which we identify with depending on the event and on our mood.

Today I wanted to start sharing with you some of my looks in black and white that they have been colours that have been in all the collections this year and which I use a lot as they are easy to combine. I hope you find some inspiration in these looks!


Also I must add that you might find some things from Eustyle to make your combinations more interesting!

Black top that I use a lot Sira Ryf for Eustyle

Black jeans by Lio de Faldas for Eustyle 

Red and white sleaveless top by Lio for Faldas para Eustyle

Black kaftan by Muzungu Sisters for Eustyle

Long black dress by Sira Ryf for Eustyle 

Kymono jacket by Lio de Faldas for Eustyle 


Other things to combine with black and white looks:

Coloured bag by Spanish and Sisters for Eustyle 

Pink mini bag by Lacambra for Eustyle 

Gold tote bag by Lacambra for Eustyle 

African tote bag by Muzungu Sisters for Eustyle 

Stones earrings by Spanish and Sisters for Eustyle

Gold bracelet by Maramz for Eustyle 

Coins bracelet by Los Complementos de Maria for Eustyle

Incredible gold necklace by Rocio Porres for Eustyle 

Stars necklace by EMEBE for Eustyle 


These are only some ideas but you will soon find more at my blog and at Eustyle.


What are your favourite colours? Which colour combinations do you use?