Azco Iris


During my holidays I’m really enjoying spending time with my family, it has been a long time since I’ve been in the same place for a whole week!

I’m so happy I can spend more time with my godson Julio (I call him Manolito…) and his older sister, Mini Eu.

When my brother-in-law Julio Rodriguez Rodero, was taking me pictures, Mini came in my room and wanted to “work” with me, so she made herself her own look, and asked her father to take some pictures of her, she is only two years old! Of course, all aunts love their nieces and nephews, but Eugenita surprises me every day: she is so small but already wants to choose her own outfits for in front of the cameras!

Mini is wearing a dress from A Gatas, one one of my latest discoveries in children’s clothing (I’m becoming a bit of an expert now). The
straw hat is from Loewe , the necklaces are from Belao for Eustyle and the bracelets are from Dapa Santander for Eustyle.

After the photo shoot, I went to a friend’s  house who invited me for dinner, for a warm night I’m wearing a dress from Lavand which is really cool  and comfortable, some sandals from Plomo, a turquoise necklace with pink pompoms from Belao for Eustyle and another one with a dragonfly from Spanish and Sisters also for Eustyle and a ring from Rocío Porres for Eustyle. The raffia wallet is vintage.

That night I chose my sexiest perfume, Musk from Kiehl’s and on my hair Elixir Ultimate from Kérastase. For my make up I’m only wearing
lip color Rouge Volupte number 14 from Yves Saint Laurent.

And you, are you already enjoying the holidays?


Eugenia x