Uno de 50 campaign

How’s your week going?
Today I want to show you how the latest campaign from UNO de 50 was made which I starred in. Two weeks ago they held a presentation at one of their stores in Madrid-those who follow me regularly have probably seen my post about the event.
UNO de 50 has chosen me to star in their international campaign, which is such an honor. From the designs from the last collection, I selected the ten pieces that inspire me and represent the ten fasion cities in the world: New York, London, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Antwerp, Milan, Miami, Berlin and Los Angeles.
In each of these fashion jewels that represent the cities, you can see my style, my tastes and a general idea of what I am like as a person. In all of these cities I have grown both personally, and professionally. They are places that have made me what I am today, and every bracelet, ring, earring or necklace that represents those cities, represent something in me.
I wanted to show you the bracelet from the collaboration between UNO de 50 and the Rett Syndrome. Rett syndrome is a congenital disease that affects more than 3,000 girls in Spain and about 300,000 in the world. UNO de 50, through the Biorett Fund and Social Work San Juan de Dios, wanted to support the research of the disease with the sale of the bracelets that I’m featuring in this post. Also, through this collaboration they are giving a greater social visibility to a disease which isn’t well know in Spain.
On the bracelet you can see hand-drawn angel wings which represent the characteristic movement of the girls that suffer from the disease. Also, there is an engraving with the motto ‘Silent Angels’ as sufferers often lose their speech.
I hope you like my selection as much as the rest of the collection from Uno de 50! I already have my favourites!