Friends in New York

Last week I went back to New York for work and it was so hot!
In the evening, I stayed with some friends and went to the pool at The American hotel, in Chelsea.

If you are ever in New York, whether you live there or if you are just visiting, I really recommend you go here because it is truly phenomenal; they play great music and the atmosphere is so lively!

Truthfully, I had to go for a lie down as I was drained from so much travelling, work weddings etc. In two weeks I had been rushed off my feet non-stop so I needed a little break to recuperate.

I had a great time catching up with my newyorker friends. We had coctails and cooling fresh rosé wine. It was a rest worthy of a warrior!

The overalls I’m wearing are from Virginie Castaway for Cool the Sack, my bag is from this season from Swildens, my straw hat was made in Ecuador which is from Shundul, my black bikini is from Laura Urbinati, the sunglasses are from Sunpocket and the bespoke sandals were made in Capri.

In my bag, I always carry suncream because I am very conscious of protecting my skin given that in the summer I often get blemishes. Creams from Sensilis are great for sun protection and anti-ageing which protects lips and eyes also. I like this bag from this season’s collection from Oysho too, it is a gorgeous blue colour!

As for my accessories, I’m wearing a snake ring from Uno de 50.
Finally, I wanted to show you my iphone case from The Hip Tee, its so cute!

I hope that this week is going well.